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The benefits of going to rehab abroad

There can be benefits of attending a drug or alcohol rehab clinic abroad.  Travelling overseas for treatment – often referred to as ‘medical tourism’ –  is when those in need of addiction treatment choose to travel in order to access health care services.

If you’re considering journeying overseas for addiction treatment, we suggest you consider some of the following:

Benefits of going to rehab abroad

Below we list a number of advantages in choosing a rehab clinic overseas:

  • You can access rehab treatment options that aren’t available in your home country.
  • You will be able to access quality treatment often in more luxurious surroundings and sometimes at a lower price.
  • You can tell family, friends and your employer that you are going on holiday, rather that admitting into a residential addiction treatment clinic.
  • You will be completely removed from your everyday environment.
  • Making a commitment to travel overseas for rehab is often a decisive and courageous first step.
  • Psychologically a completely clean break and a fresh start without distractions can be very powerful.

Concerns about going abroad for rehab

  • Those in need of a clinical detox may be concerned about flying.
  • In one’s home country people are often more familiar with the regulatory and governing bodies which usually provides a degree of comfort and safety.
  • Some people worry that cultural differences and language barriers may make talking therapy difficult.
  • The cost of travelling to a rehab centre abroad can be expensive.
  • Your friends and family will be a long way away – this can be a blessing and a curse!

Overcoming these objections

Below, we list a number of considerations that may help you decide whether rehab abroad is for you:

  • There are many high-quality rehab clinics overseas – Port of Call has visited them and can help you understand how they differ.  
  • Many foreign clinics are owned and operated by people who’s first language is English.
  • Many of the staff members will be English.
  • Many foreign rehab centres offer superb facilities and are often based in sunnier climates.

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