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What happens if I reach out to Port of Call?

Most of us have had a phone call we knew we needed to make, but have found reasons to put off.

Maybe we’ve drafted an email or carefully written a text, but decided last minute to consign it to the drafts folder.

All sorts of things can stand in the way – fear of the process you’re about to set in motion, fear of consequences, a lack of conviction that you do really need to act, general anxiety.

Getting in touch with us may feel like a huge and intimidating step and we always appreciate that.

We hope that if people understand what will happen next when they contact us, they’ll feel more able to take that step. 

Your first contact with Port of Call is purely a chance for you to speak, us to listen and you to discover the options. After that, you can take some time to think or we can act immediately to find you the help you need to get on the path to recovery – we’ll work with you to decide on the next step. 

Confidentially is of primary importance to us.

What happens if I reach out to Port of Call

When should I contact Port of Call?

Whatever method of contact you choose, your message or call will come into our centre where a dedicated team member will pick it up and immediately get in touch. Our emails, calls and direct messages are monitored 24 hours a day. 

Many of the contacts we receive are from people who feel they’ve reached a point of crisis in their lives and we’re well used to that, but if you have an urgent or immediate medical emergency, please do contact 111 or 999, as appropriate.

The first thing we do once we’re in touch with you is listen. Our advisers at Port of Call are hugely experienced, skilled and have personal stories of addiction. 

We don’t mind how jumbled your thoughts feel, how high your emotions are or how long it takes for us to unravel your situation. We’re fully prepared to take as long as you need and we know every situation is unique. Let us hear about where you are, what you feel the issues are and we’ll guide you towards your options.

When private rehab is the right option for you we can begin the process of booking you in right away, if that’s what you want.

What Port of Call offers

Our mission at Port of Call is to ensure that anyone who needs help with addiction has somewhere to turn. 

We keep up-to-date with information on the addiction support services available across the UK and having heard about your circumstances and requirements, we’ll make recommendations tailored to you.

Our specialism is in booking people into private rehab and advising on the options available and the variations between them. All calls to us are free because we get a fee from rehab providers when we book you in. We make it our priority to find the centre we believe will be most suited to your specific circumstances and will discuss this with you. There are more than 40 private rehab clinics in the UK and they vary in terms of the type of clientele they tend to attract, the specific treatments on offer as well as in terms of environment and setting.

Sadly, whilst there are varying free-at-point-of-delivery services available across the UK, they are varying degrees of provision depending on geography and there can be delays in getting NHS treatment. We’ll do all we can to signpost you to NHS and free support in your area, where appropriate.

Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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Who contacts Port of Call?

We get calls from individuals who need help for themselves. Equally, we get lots of calls from family and friends who are worried for someone else and employers whose concern is for a staff member. We’re happy to speak to anyone who has an addiction issue, whether it be with drugs, alcohol, gambling or something else.

We’ve had plenty of calls from family members who have talked constantly for ten minutes – telling us about the tragedy and chaos in their lives. Sometimes people are more matter-of-fact or tentative. We get calls from employers or HR managers who know a member of staff needs help and they want to know what they can do. We get calls in the middle of the night from people who feel they’ve already tried everything and don’t know where to turn. Perhaps they’ve been referred to statutory services, tried Alcoholics Anonymous and nothing has stuck. 

There’s little that can surprise us anymore and we don’t judge. We’re here to give you options whatever your situation.

We’ll listen and agree a plan to move things forward if that’s what the caller wants to do. If a family member calls us, we usually advise them on options for their loved-one and then invite them to have a conversation with them. We’ll usually suggest the addicted person should ultimately call us themselves, which helps to show they’re ready and motivated to get support. We’ll then talk them through options. We’re careful never to reveal what has been said between us and the person who initially called. Equally, we won’t feed back what is discussed with the person in need of help. 

Is there any obligation when I contact Port of Call?

You need not feel obliged in any way when you contact Port of Call. We’re here to listen and help. We’ll book you into private rehab if it’s the right thing for you and you’re ready. If not, we’ll do what we can to offer you advice and signposting or invite you to call us again when you’re ready.

Frequently asked questions about rehab

We get asked many questions about what will happen in rehab, what it’s like and what rules there are. We’re very happy to discuss any concerns you have.

Feel free to contact us to ask any questions you have. You’re also welcome to look through our: Frequently asked questions.

Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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“I wanted somewhere caring and compassionate. Not a boot camp approach. I’m sober 6 months on”

Susan from Wolverhampton

Our Promise

  • Help with the next step in tackling your addiction.
  • Support in helping a family member or colleague with an addiction.
  • The right help at the right time based on your needs.
  • A confidential assessment by an addictions specialist.
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