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Information & Guides : Addiction recovery

10 Jan 19

It’s tempting to think that the recovering process finishes when you finish rehabilitation, but the truth is that addiction is a lifelong disease that requires careful management even when you’ve been sober. The good news is that the same support structures that helped you kick the habit remain in place. Jake’s story of overcoming his […]

21 Jun 18

When a person is struggling with a drug problem, the energies of those around them are often channelled into helping that person to recover. Rightly so, but support is also available for the families and loved ones of drug users, as Wendy from Salford found out.

13 Jul 17

One of the most challenging situations in any marriage can be when one spouse is battling an addiction to alcohol. From the feelings of powerlessness a spouse might feel while their partner is actively abusing alcohol through to the odd combination of hope and anger that arises when a spouse finally enters drug rehab, there […]

06 Oct 16

After completing your time at drug rehabilitation, for many individuals, the hard work is far from over. Staying sober is a lifelong commitment and at times, can be extremely difficult. It is for this reason that drug and alcohol rehab specialists Port of Call have put together this very useful infographic, explaining the best ways […]

05 Oct 16

Recovering from an addiction is a lifelong process which requires determination and commitment. For anyone who is trying to recover from addiction, here at Port of Call, we have created a handy infographic which explains five of the best ways of breaking an addiction, covering the rehabilitation process and aftercare treatments.

07 Sep 16

Communication is one of the best support mechanisms when recovering from addiction. Building relations and having people to turn to when in recovery (whether that is drug rehab, alcohol rehab or beyond) can help overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness often associated with addiction. In an age where the internet is easily accessed, many people […]

15 Jul 16

If you are taking a step in the right direction in a bid to beat addiction, it is important to understand the bespoke drug treatment options that are available to you. There are all kinds of help and support for those who seek it and Port of Call is here to help you make the […]

26 Apr 16

Comic Relief aims to help some of the neediest sections of society here in the UK, as well as further afield. As part of their work, the high profile charity has teamed up with Liverpool John Moores University and the Centre for Public Health to set up so-called ‘Recovery Communities’ in four areas across the country, […]

08 Dec 15

“My identity was my addictions,” wrote Lauren Stahl, founder of American accountability and empowerment website SPARKITE, on the Huffington Post blog recently. If that’s a sentiment that sounds familiar to you, whether during past or present experiences with addictions, then the good news is that it needn’t always be that way.

03 Dec 15

Addiction is known as a ‘family illness’ for a reason; it can wreak havoc on relationships and shatter the stability of even the closest families. In this blog, Port of Call explores the negative impacts addiction can have on a family and outlines the family addiction support services that we can offer.

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