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10 Best self-help addiction recovery blogs

Seeking help for your addiction can be a daunting process. But it is important to remember that you are not alone, and that recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is possible. Port of Call offers a network of drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment centres, which are regulated by the relevant governing bodies for quality, care and safety. Alongside this network of addiction treatment, we have found the best self-help blogs for addiction, which are written by like-minded people with experiences very similar to your own. These people have fought their addiction and are now on the road to recovery. You can also beat addiction, and share the rewards of a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Here are some of the most inspirational drug recovery stories and recovery blogs in 2017 to aid your recovery from addiction.


This extensive self-help blog for addiction offers support and advice around many behavioural and substance-based addictions. offers a 24-hour helpline and live chat facility, as well as numerous useful articles highlighting the unknown facts around addiction and mental health, and is an ideal source of information on your journey to recovery.

2. Consumer Protect

Filled with information around various consumer protection industries, Consumer Protect offers valuable advice from community members and ambassadors. This insightful article analyses a recent epidemic in opiate addiction, and highlights the dangers and the reasons behind this increase. This is a really useful article about opiate addiction and is suitable for people who maybe struggling with a prescription drug addiction and are looking for help.

3. Help Guide

This is a trusted mental health guide, which is recognised by many health organisations overseas. There is a wealth of resources available, which offer help and advice on how to deal with loneliness, depression and stress management, alongside support for addictions and mental health issues.

4. Addictions and Recovery

A public service website which is based on medical research, Addictions & Recovery is designed to help you overcome addiction. There are many sources of information, such as self-assessment questionnaires, to help you to recognise your addiction and work to overcome it.

5. Mindful Muscle

This popular mindfulness blog documents how mindfulness can help to overcome and treat addictive behaviours, particularly around drug and alcohol misuse. There are various meditation techniques which you could benefit from, as well as articles based on scientific research that highlight how the brain affects our addictions.

6. Psychcentral

A good resource for self-help and self-assessment, Psychcentral offers useful information for those who may be suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction or other behavioural addictions. This library of resources offers a way to get help for your addiction, and to start to work towards recovery.

7. CRC Health

This addiction recovery blog offers a way to recognise your addiction, and then move into an action phase of seeking help and starting treatment. It is part of a broader self-help website that offers support and advice around various addictions, disorders and health problems.

8. Lucinda

After seeking help for your addiction, and successfully managing a detoxification process, there may be some damage to your body which you wish to repair. Lucinda offers a way to heal your body after drug addiction, using various tips such as healthy eating, exercise and relaxation.

9. Talbott Recovery

Using metaphors as a common theme, Talbott Recovery outlines a guide to addiction recovery, through every stage of the process. This addition recovery story is written by a specialised mental health expert in the field of addictions, and offers advice on how to seek help, which is easily relatable.

10. Sober Nation

Sober Nation offers a library of inspirational drug recovery stories which may inspire you to find your own path to addiction recovery. There are tips available to help you post recovery too, including healthy living best practice and tips for choosing healthcare facilities following your treatment from addiction.

self-help blogs for addiction

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