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September Recovery Recap

There have been plenty of addiction news stories for us to talk about of late and would love for our readers to treat this page as a form of inspiration in your bid to reach recovery.

Fans Rally in Support as Demi Lovato Overdoses

In July’s Port of Call Recovery Recap blog, we praised pop star Demi Lovato for opening up on her battle with drug addiction. Sadly, the singer and actress was rushed to hospital on Tuesday 24th July after a suspected heroin overdose. Having been found unconscious in her Hollywood home, the 25-year-old is said to still be recovering under care and is to be released soon.

Sources close to Lovato suggest that she will seek drug abuse treatment upon release, in a move that we would absolutely recommend. The support that the ‘Confident’ singer has received from her fans worldwide has been amazing to follow. However, it is imperative that she is given her space and the necessary time to recover.

You’d be mistaken in thinking that it is only celebrities and millionaires that can afford private rehab. Contact Port of Call for a chat on some of the best payment plans and options that help pay for the best rehab treatment out there.

While on the topic of celebrity culture, Elton John has also spoken out about his attempts to help friend George Michael with his drug addiction. The ‘Your Song’ man claimed that “you can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves” and, while that may be true of friends, our dedicated professionals are experts in assisting those who believe that they are beyond drug addiction treatment and help.

Drug addiction continues to cripple families throughout the UK, with children as young as 13 being treated for cocaine addiction in Scotland. The plummeting price of the drug is resulting in it becoming increasingly accessible for youngsters. This is particularly alarming given the extremely negative impact that cocaine can have on growing brains.

Gambling Addiction Symptoms Uncovered

We would all agree that staking over €10m in online gambling would set alarm bells ringing when it comes to gambling addictions symptoms, right? Well, that was the story of one postal worker who eventually landed himself in prison after gambling with other people’s money.

Believe us when we tell you that you don’t have to reach those figures to be a gambling addict. In fact, betting any sum of money that you are uncomfortable with could contribute towards a gambling problem. For instance, a respected bank worker in Newcastle pocketed more than £70k from his employers to fund his “out-of-control” addiction.

In a bid to curb excessive gambling, Italy have become the first nation in Europe to ban advertising from betting. Will others follow suit? Should they? Drop us a tweet on @Port_of_Call and let us know your thoughts.

WHO Address Signs and Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Just a matter of weeks after listing video game addiction as a mental health condition, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that sex addiction was to be treated in the same manner.

Known as compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, it is defined as an inability to control intense sexual urges. Patients must suffer from this disorder for at least six months before being diagnosed.

Often underestimated as a problem, sex addiction has grown into a severe problem with experts urging for there to be more support surrounding porn addiction. In fact, studies have shown that up to 80% of people seeking help for sex addiction actually have a porn related problem.

Unsure of whether you or someone close to you fall into this category, take a read of some of the signs and symptoms of sex addiction to look out for.

It’s Time to Talk About Video Game and Social Media Addiction

Generations gone by would likely baulk at the idea of anyone becoming addicted to social media. However, given the world that we now live in, this is a very serious problem.

In fact, one of the giants of the social world in Instagram have incorporated a new ‘All Caught Up’ feature to inform users of when they have seen all that there is to see on their feed. This new feature appears to be a part of Mark Zuckerberg’s bid to address the digital attention crisis brought on by social media.

What’s more, comedian Russell Kane has also admitted that he is seeking help to deal with his social media addiction.

Finally, children as young as 12 will begin receiving treatment on an NHS-funded gaming addiction scheme. The London centre opens in September with patients aged from 12 to 20 to be targeted.


With the types of addictions that people can struggle with increasing, it has never been more important to speak out about your problems. Call Port of Call today on 0800 002 9010 or email us on to discuss your options.

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