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Does Wales have an addiction problem?

The short answer is yes. Like many other regions of the United Kingdom, Wales has its fair share of substance abuse problems. The message from Port of Call is clear: help is at hand to help you, or your loved one, to access the right treatment for you in Wales.

According to a report from the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales, entitled READING BETWEEN THE LINES: The Annual Profile of Substance Misuse in Wales 2013-14 there most certainly is an ongoing addiction problem in Wales.

Key findings of the report

In the report they found that the total number of hospital admissions for alcohol specific conditions amongst working aged adults (25-49 years old) had decreased by 10.8 per cent from 2008-09 to 2013-14 (3476 and 3,099 admissions respectively).

Drug addiction in Wales

Alcohol related deaths fell slightly from 504 in 2012 to 467 in 2013; a reduction of 7.3 per cent. This fall was due primarily to a reduction in alcohol related deaths in working aged women and women over 65 years, they concluded.

Over the five year period from 2009-10 to 2013-14, the annual number of referrals to substance misuse treatment in this age group also declined by 9.2 per cent, from 20,205 to 18,342 referrals. The proportion of referrals for alcohol misuse remained relatively stable at around 51 per cent.
However, there were 2,886 admissions with a diagnosis of poisoning with named illicit drugs in 2013-14, which represented an increase of 10.1 per cent on the previous year.

Help is at hand with Port of Call

If you are based in Wales, and are struggling with addiction, you might be wondering where to find a rehab in your area that suits your needs. Well, the truth of the matter is that there are plenty of rehab options available to you and Port of Call can help you to find them.

Our comprehensive alcohol rehab directory is guaranteed to find you a drug rehab in wales to suit your needs. Our extensive network of specialist treatment centres means that whether you’re based in Bangor or Bridgend, we can help you to find the most suitable drug rehab for you.

Port of Call founder, Martin Preston, said: “Our message to anyone battling addiction in Wales is that help is at hand. Port of Call is here to offer you our full support towards recovery. We will provide a listening ear, help you to navigate towards the best treatment option for you and your situation, and continue to offer our assistance for as long as you need it.

Addiction is an issue that affects most of us, in one shape or form, at some stage. It isn’t something that’s confined by geographical boundaries. As the statistics suggest, there are countless people based in Wales who are in need of addiction services. We want to help, and we would urge anyone who might be affected by addiction to reach out and talk to us today

Make us your first Port of Call. If you, or a loved one, are dealing with addiction in Wales we can help you to access the right addiction help at the right time. Take the first step today by speaking to one of our advisers for free on 08000029010.

About the author: Alex Molyneux

Alex is our admissions team leader. Over the last 5 years he has spoken with more than 10,000 people via our helpline and has organised over 1,000 detox and rehabilitation placements.

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