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Talk yourself out of addiction

It’s good to talk. The old adage of ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is never truer than in the context of addiction, whether it be reaching out yourself or on behalf of a loved one, friend or colleague. 

Talking through an addiction problem, discussing treatment options, such as attending a drug rehab or alcohol treatment facility and checking in with a sponsor are all important steps in the process of recovering from addiction. The bottom line is: you don’t have to go through this alone. Help is at hand and a listening ear is never far away.

Phone support with help with your recovery

Although it might feel embarrassing, shameful, or scary to talk about your addiction out loud, the reality is rarely as bad as you might have imagined. Friends, family, co-workers and professional counsellors all share a common purpose – they want to see you recover and live your life to the fullest.

Who should call an addiction helpline?

We know from experience that living with someone who has a destructive relationship with alcohol or drugs can be exhausting. Family members often experience a number of painful and conflicting emotions when trying to help someone in addiction. Frustration, loneliness and confusion are all commonplace.

Watching a friend spiral into addiction is also a painful experience. Seeking help on their behalf can be particularly frustrating, especially if they are in full-blown denial. They may go on the defensive and react angrily to any suggestion that their substance abuse is out of control.

Helping an addicted co-worker requires diplomacy and delicacy. Again, denial can often present a major stumbling block to progress and the fear of reprimand, or redundancy, can often lead to evasive and defensive behaviour that further compounds the complexity of such cases.

Whatever the circumstances, addiction is an illness that progressively worsens if left untreated. Waiting for someone to ‘hit rock bottom’ and seek help is a precarious strategy. It is far better to address an addiction problem at the earliest possible opportunity wherever possible.

Don’t leave it until you, or the person you are trying to help, reaches their lowest ebb. The sooner you, or they, can get help the more effective treatment will be and the quicker recovery can be achieved.

Port of Call’s free phone line

We recognise what a courageous step it is to reach out for help. Speaking to a specialist addiction treatment service, like Port of Call, can help you to gain some perspective and discuss your treatment options in confidence. When you call our free addiction helpline you’ll receive a professional, non-judgemental assessment from our caring and compassionate addiction specialists.

They give confidential and independent advice about private and free treatment options available to you or the person you are helping. They won’t judge you or influence you and they won’t tell you what to do. They’re simply here to listen and to help you with the next step on the road to recovery.

Talking worked for Tony

Tony, 44, from Preston kept his painkiller addiction a secret for 18 months but, since accessing rehab treatment through Port of Call, he can now talk openly about his experience. “Ever since that first phone call with Port of Call’s helpful and reassuring adviser, I’ve found it’s become easier to talk about my addiction,” he says.

They helped me to find a local rehab centre for me, which involved a great deal of personal and group talking therapy. For someone who’s always bottled up their thoughts and feelings, those sessions have not only helped me to understand my addiction better, and to equip me with the day-to-day process of recovery, but they have made me a more communicative and happier person in general.

Please call our free phone line on 08000029010 today. Our network of addiction treatment specialists are here to help you navigate the full range of treatment options, ensuring we can always offer the right help at the right time.

Disclaimer: Names and certain details have been changed to protect the identity of case study participants.

Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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“I wanted somewhere caring and compassionate. Not a boot camp approach. I’m sober 6 months on”

Susan from Wolverhampton

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