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How do you know if you have an alcohol issue?

How do you know if you are showing signs of alcoholism? It is often the person with the drinking issue that is the last person to face up to this reality – often when it is too late to stop without help. Here, alcohol rehab specialists, Port of Call, detail some of the common symptoms of alcoholism and the best ways to get advice and help.

The signs of an alcoholic

Alcoholism doesn’t just happen overnight. There are several stages leading up to alcoholism. Spotting the signs of alcoholism early can make all the difference to a person’s recovery and ability to face up to their issues with alcohol.

Stage One – Problem drinking

When any problems associated with drinking alcohol start to outweigh the benefits then we call this problem drinking. It can be hard to spot the tell-tale signs of an alcoholic but if you, or someone you know, start to behave differently or misses meetings or social engagements because of alcohol then it might be time to start looking a bit harder at the situation.

Stage Two – Alcohol abuse

Problem drinking often turns into alcohol abuse when the person doesn’t notice or acknowledge the signs of problem drinking and continues to drink. This further stage of drinking may lead to more destructive and even violent behaviour. The need to use alcohol to feel relaxed and de-stress may lead to drinking in secret; keeping friends, family and loved ones out of the equation.

Despite the problems that drinking alcohol can cause, some people will still ignore the warning signs of alcoholism, which can lead to problems at school, college and work. They may even experience issues with the law, as well as the harmful effects to their physical and mental health too.

Stage Three – Alcoholism

Alcoholism is diagnosed when a person loses control over their drinking and starts to experience withdrawal symptoms if they don’t drink. The physical compulsion to drink alcohol will be strong and may lead to needing to drink increasing amounts of alcohol. Tolerance to alcohol is usually one of the first symptoms of alcoholism.

Signs of alcoholism

Signs of alcoholism can include difficulty sleeping or broken sleep; tolerance to drinking, so you drink more alcohol to achieve the same effect; and keeping your drinking a secret from friends and family. Drinking alone and counting down the hours until you can drink are also warning signs that you may be drinking too much.

Get help from Port of Call

At Port of Call, we can help you to access the right support for your alcohol issue or addiction – from advice on how to cut down on your drinking, through to care and support if you are in the final stage of alcoholism – whatever your situation we are here to listen and advise. So why not take your first step towards recovery today and call one of our advisers today on on 0800 002 9010. We can help you find an alcohol rehab that is well suited to your needs, or the requirements of your loved one.

About the author: Alex Molyneux

Alex is our admissions team leader. Over the last 5 years he has spoken with more than 10,000 people via our helpline and has organised over 1,000 detox and rehabilitation placements.

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