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Information & Guides : Alcohol awareness

31 Jul 19

Further calls have been made this week for more resourcing for the NHS to support recovery from what has been classed ‘a national epidemic’ of alcohol-related problems. A British Medical Journal report pointed to funding cuts of £100 million in England, an average of 30% per service, since 2012.  We at Port of Call welcome […]

15 May 19

Assessing whether you or a loved one has an alcohol problem isn’t always easy. It’s natural for a sense of denial to be present. If it’s a loved one or friend you’re concerned about, they may have spent a lot of time insisting that you’re mistaken and their drinking is not abnormal. If you’re wondering […]

02 May 19

We’re calling on sellers of pre-mix cocktails to give further consideration to how they’re packaged, marketed and displayed in shops. Thanks both to BBC comedy Fleabag and the recent indiscretion of Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott the brightly coloured cans of pre-mixed spirit based drinks have got a lot of attention lately. Martin Preston, Port […]

21 Mar 19

According to the mental health charity, Mind, one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem every year. On top of this, it is reported that one in six people in England will experience a common mental health problem such as depression and anxiety in any given week. So where does […]

05 Feb 19

Port of Call believes new figures are further proof dependent drinkers aren’t getting the support they need to keep them out of hospital. Public Health England figures released today (Feb5) reveal that there were 1.7 million hospital admissions linked to alcohol in England in 2017 to 2018 – a rate that has been increasing every […]

01 Feb 19

The term alcohol dependence refers to the desire to drink and the inability to quit drinking. This is when a person becomes physically or psychologically dependent on the consumption of alcohol. As of 2013, this term was reclassified as ‘alcohol use disorder’. Alcohol dependence can be identified if you suffer three of seven key indicators […]

01 Feb 19

Have you ever been concerned about your alcohol intake? Or are you concerned that you are displaying the traits of an alcoholic? If the answer is yes, you will need to take steps towards seeking help. We’re here to help you answer the important questions and take those steps towards help and recovery. First, we’ll […]

01 Feb 19

A ‘functioning alcoholic’ is someone who is dependent on alcohol but remains able to maintain an apparently ‘normal’ life. The term is not a medically recognised one, yet it is a description many people are able to relate to. Knowing the signs may be the difference between getting help for yourself or a loved one  […]

14 Aug 18

Wet-brain, also known as Korsakoff Syndrome is chronic amnesia most often caused by excessive long-term consumption of alcohol. Simply put, it is an alcohol brain damage syndrome, which occurs when the brain is deprived of vitamin B1 (thiamine).

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