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Top 15 alcohol recovery blogs

At Port of Call, we understand how difficult it can be to give up alcohol and begin your journey towards sobriety. Many people tackling alcohol addiction find the extra support they need through blogs about alcoholism, as it is easy to relate to the journey that the blogger is going through.

For this reason, we have put together a list of some top getting sober blogs, to help you on your journey towards treating your alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Recovery Blogs

Our top 15 alcohol recovery blogs

1. Laura McKowen

Writer, mum and recovery warrior, Laura believes in the power of honest stories. Through honesty we rid ourselves of the feeling of loneliness, helping us to remember our purpose and move on. In her alcoholism blog, Laura gives her honest account about her addiction, journey and motherhood.

2. Soberistas

Another one of our favourite blogs about giving up alcohol is Soberistas, which takes a look at gaining control over your life after addiction. Soberistas provides a fresh perspective as they are adamant that you can stop drinking and happily never drink again, as long as you have the right mindset.

3. Bye Bye Beer

After stopping drinking in September 2011, the author of this alcohol recovery blog took to the internet to find some extra support. After finding a community of like-minded people, becoming sober became easier. This blog illustrates just how helpful the extra support provided through alcoholism blogs can be to anyone in active recovery.

4. The Sober School

Kate was never an ‘alcoholic’ by definition but realised she drank far too much. After deciding there wasn’t much support available, Kate set up a stop drinking blog and website in order to help others going through the same struggles she faced.

5. Unpickled

The author of this blog drank quietly in private and managed to quit just as privately. However, she didn’t stay quiet about it and her story is all here. The purpose of this alcohol recovery blog is to encourage others on their journey towards active recovery.

6. The High Functioning Alcoholic

The High-Functioning Alcoholic blog focuses on increasing awareness around addiction and alcoholism. This alcohol recovery blog is aimed at destigmatising addiction, allowing those who may be addicted to alcohol feel comfortable when talking about their own struggles.

7. Sober Grace

Jami is a recovering alcoholic who talks through her thoughts, experiences and challenges in sobriety and how her journey was made easier after turning to religion and accepting the Grace of God.

8. I Will Start with Water

This blog offers a very interesting insight into the life of a lady currently living in Cairo, Egypt, with her husband and dog. She has decided this is the place where her recovery process will take place – her biggest adventure in a long time.

9. Sober Mommies

Sober Mommies provides a safe place for women and mothers in recovery. It offers an alternative recovery support network for those who don’t wish to follow an AA 12 step programme.

10. Alcohol Change UK

The blog of charity Alcohol Change UK provides a mix of personal stories, news and advice. This is a supportive and informative hub for all things alcohol-related.

11. A Hangover Free Life

A Hangover Free Life is the blogging home of Lucy, a nurse, who wanted to create a place to help others with reducing their alcohol consumption or give up drinking altogether. Lucy’s blog is informed by her personal and professional experiences. This blog also features on our top 20 recovery blogs.

12. Sober Punks

Sober Punks describes itself as a ‘sweary alcohol recovery blog’. It is written by Yorkshireman Jon Turner, a musician, who saw his drinking begin to cause problems in his life and replaced it with running, climbing and writing.  This is a light touch blog, where humour and practical advice meet.

13. AA Beyond Belief

This website provides a mixture of personal recovery stories via blog posts, poetry and video. There are also more extensive researched articles. Ostensibly a home for those who follow a secular path through Alcoholics Anonymous, the site is informative for anyone seeking help, support or tips on the recovery journey.

14. Sober Senorita

Kelly Fitzgerald Junco got sober in 2013 and says everything good thing in her life she has because of sobriety. She blogs because sharing her story has changed her life and the lives of others. Kelly is all about breaking apart stigma and encouraging others to get help.

15. Living Without Alcohol

Author of the ‘Mrs D is Going Without’ books, the writer behind this blog is a woman who gave up drinking just before she turned 40. Mrs D realised her drinking had become excessive and she’d been doing it for her entire adult life. She shares her experiences of sobriety.

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About the author: Martin Preston

Martin is our Founder and Chief Executive. Martin is himself in long term recovery and started Port of Call to help families navigate treatment options. In 2020 Martin will open Delamere Health Ltd, the UK’s first purpose built addiction treatment clinic.

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