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Top 20 alcohol recovery blogs

At Port of Call, we understand how difficult it can be to give up alcohol and begin your journey towards sobriety. Many people tackling alcohol addiction find the extra support they need through blogs about alcoholism, as it is easy to relate to the journey that the blogger is going through. For this reason, we have put together a list of our favourite getting sober blogs, to help you on your journey towards treating your alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Recovery Blogs

Top alcohol recovery blogs

1. I’m Just F.I.N.E
In this blog about alcoholism, Syd offers a great insight into life on the other side of addiction. After alcoholism affected his loved ones, he documents his struggle to maintain healthy relationships with them and investigates how it has affected his life.

2. Drinking Diaries
Drinking Diaries is a forum specifically for women to share, vent, express and discuss drinking habits without any judgement. The forum is open to anyone, whether you are the child of an alcoholic, a future drinker or a binge drinker, Drinking Diaries is a judgement free zone.

3. Soberistas
Another one of our favourite blogs about giving up alcohol is Soberistas, which takes a look at gaining control over your life after addiction. Soberistas provides a fresh perspective as they are adamant that you can stop drinking and happily never drink again, as long as you have the right mindset.

4. Bye Bye Beer
After stopping drinking in September 2011, the author of this alcohol recovery blog took to the internet to find some extra support. After finding a community of like-minded people, becoming sober became easier. This blog illustrates just how helpful the extra support provided through alcoholism blogs can be to anyone in active recovery.

5. Growing Up Chaotic
Dawn grew up surrounded by alcohol addiction and saw some horrific things in a short space of time. Instead of letting this defeat her she has dedicated her time to helping others who may be going through a similar experience, to help them find hope, inspiration and guidance.

6. Guess What Normal Is
Anxiety, depression and self-doubt are three of the most common side effects of addiction, yet it can affect those surrounded by addiction as well as the individual battling addiction. This blog about alcoholism helps those who suffered at the hands of alcohol addiction in their younger years become free of the coping behaviours as adults.

7. Laura McKowen
Writer, mum and recovery warrior, Laura believes in the power of honest stories. Through honesty we rid ourselves of the feeling of loneliness, helping us to remember our purpose and move on. In her alcoholism blog, Laura gives her honest account about her addiction, journey and motherhood.

8. The Sober School
Kate was never an ‘alcoholic’ by definition, but realised she drank far too much. After deciding there wasn’t much support available, Kate set up a stop drinking blog and website in order to help others going through the same struggles she faced.

9. Unpickled
The author of this blog drank quietly in private and managed to quit just as privately. However, she didn’t stay quiet about it and her story is all here. The purpose of this alcohol recovery blog is to encourage others on their journey towards active recovery.

10. Drinking to Distraction
This alcoholism blog provides a very honest account of the causes of addiction and routes to recovery. Once you have established the reasons for an alcohol addiction, it is possible to make changes in your life to make life more fulfilling.

11. The High Functioning Alcoholic
The High-Functioning Alcoholic blog focuses on increasing awareness around addiction and alcoholism. This alcohol recovery blog is aimed at destigmatising addiction, allowing those who may be addicted to alcohol feel comfortable when talking about their own struggles.

12. Crying Out Now
This giving up alcohol blog offers impactful stories that have helped many people with their own alcohol addiction recovery journeys. The platform hosts a series of guest blogs, each offering their own stories about recovery.

13. Sober Grace
Jami is a recovering alcoholic who talks through her thoughts, experiences and challenges in sobriety and how her journey was made easier after turning to religion and accepting the Grace of God.

14. Sober is the New Black
Rachel used to cope with the stresses of daily life by drinking wine, but now she documents her sober lifestyle in her getting sober blog. She tells her readers that it is okay to lose control sometimes, as we aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes.

15. I Will Start with Water
This blog offers a very interesting insight into the life of a lady currently living in Cairo, Egypt, with her husband and dog. She has decided this is the place where her recovery process will take place – her biggest adventure in a long time.

16. The Change Blog
The Change Blog was created in 2007 in order to share an addiction journey and help others on their path. This blog is a story about change. The author documents their journey from unhappiness to receiving a new zest for life, inner peace, happiness and purpose.

17. Recovery Princess
This getting sober blog focuses on the positive aspects of sobriety, focusing on not just the need, but the desire, to give up alcohol. This alcoholism blog is great for those who are struggling to find a way out of alcohol addiction.

18. Sober Mommies
Sober Mommies provides a safe place for women and mothers in recovery. It offers an alternative recovery support network for those who don’t wish to follow an AA 12 step programme.

19. The Soberist Blog
Jen documents her addiction and recovery experiences in her stop drinking blog. Not shying away from the hard-work and dedication required to remain sober, this blog will motivate and encourage you to carry on with your addiction journey.

20. I Am Sober App
We’re heading away from blogs to wrap up our list and giving a shout-out to this brilliant app. I Am Sober is an ad-free motivational companion app for tracking sobriety. Users can track multiple addictions as well as calculating how much money they have saved along their journey. I Am Sober offers a summary where users can celebrate reaching certain milestones.

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