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Top 8 getting sober blogs

Communication is one of the best support mechanisms when recovering from addiction. Building relationships, and having people to turn to when in recovery at an alcohol rehabilitation centre can help overcome the feelings of isolation and loneliness often associated with addiction. In an age where the internet is easily accessed, many people look for this communication online. This is known as internet recovery and can take the form of online rehab programmes, forums and blogs.

Living without alcohol blogs can provide that extra level of support that many recovering addicts need, offering recovery information and personal advice on abstinence. More often than not, these living without alcohol blogs are written by individuals who have overcome their alcohol addiction and, therefore, are able to understand exactly what others are going through.

Due to the positive impact recovery blogs can provide throughout a person’s recovery, at Port of Call, we decided to compile a list of the top 8 getting sober blogs, to help individuals receive the extra support they may need.

Top 8 getting sober blogs

Here are Port of Call’s 8 best getting sober blogs:

1) Sober Unicorn

Sober Unicorn is an honest and truthful quit drinking blog created by Cristina, a ‘grateful sober unicorn’. Cristina has made it her mission to push others to mindful, courageous and kind in the face of alcohol addiction recovery. The blog is home to a great selection of fun activities and fundraisers for everyone to get involved in. 

2) Buzzkill Pod

Buzzkill Pod is not only a blog about how to stop drinking alcohol, but is also a selection of podcasts. Run by Paul, a recovered alcoholic, the blog discusses alcohol addiction via beautifully written literary pieces, including cameos from other well renowned authors. Paul is open to all routes to sobriety and his wonderful blog provides you with many great recourses.

3) Catholic Alcoholic

This living without alcohol blog is one for the family. Written by a loving mother who has struggled with alcoholism, Catholic Alcoholic discusses how to be honest with yourself and your family, while facing your much-loved beliefs.

4) Sober Courage

This getting sober blog is a place for people to come together and celebrate life in recovery. Sober Courage mainly focuses on early sobriety, surviving Friday nights sober, sober parenting and dealing with social stigma.

5) The Miracle of The Mundane

In this living without alcohol blog, Mark Goodson offers an array of poetry, essays and creative writing to enlighten you on the power of addiction and assist you in overcoming it. The Miracle of the Mundane is one of a kind and utilises creative literature to inform.

6) Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

Liv’s Recovery Kitchen is a beautiful blog about the path to health and wellness in recovery. Food is a staple in all our lives, and this quit drinking blog enables you to use nutrition as an aid to sobriety. The blog covers real life stories, expert advice and has a supportive community of health and wellbeing seekers.

7) Jody Lamb

Jody lamb is a blog for adults who have suffered the effects of growing up with an alcoholic parent. This blog about how to stop drinking alcohol offers support to children and families of alcoholics, and supplies everyone with useful and insightful tales of Jodie’s personal path to recovery and forgiveness.

8) Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is run by Paul, a former alcoholic who has spent 25 years in recovery. In his living without alcohol blog, Paul uses popular culture references and real-life experiences to guide you through the steps to recovery.

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