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Information & Guides : Drug addiction help

19 Jun 19

Tabloid exposes of celebrities on drugs feel like something we see on such a regular basis that it leaves you wondering who hasn’t done it. Prime Minister candidate Michael Gove faced a barrage of interest when he admitted to taking cocaine in his early career as a reporter. He is among those whose drug-taking did […]

02 Jan 18

It can be difficult to recognise the signs of a developing drug addiction, as the indicators of drug abuse can vary based on the frequency and quantity of the drug being taken. Coming to terms with the fact that your father is struggling with addiction is a very important step in helping him towards recovery. […]

25 Sep 17

When you suspect that your son is addicted to drugs, it’s difficult to know how to respond. Will shouting at them help? Should you call the police? Should you just ignore the situation and hope it’s a passing phase? We believe that ignoring the situation is the wrong thing to do. Help is available and […]

04 Sep 17

If your daughter is addicted to drugs, it is important that you are empathetic to the challenges she faces and try to help with an open mind by understanding as much as you can. It is difficult for anyone to see a family member struggling with addiction, but as a parent, witnessing your child suffering […]

15 Jul 17

The road to recovery from addiction is a challenging one, made harder through commonly associated feelings of isolation and loneliness. Sharing our experience not only contradicts these feelings but forges connections with others which can be both inspiring and life-affirming. Since the internet is so accessible, a great way to share is through online means […]

14 Jul 17

Are you seeking drug addiction support for you or a loved one? Finding the right drug rehab centre can more often than not become a daunting task. At Port of Call, we want to make the whole process as easy as possible. So we have compiled a five-step guide to finding a suitable rehab treatment […]

04 Jul 17

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is painful and can lead to feelings of anger, frustration, worry and isolation. Recovery from addiction is rarely done alone and feelings of hesitation towards accessing drug rehab can be common. Therefore, the help and support of friends and family is vital to successful recovery. This is especially […]

07 Jun 17

It’s estimated that 25 percent of young people under the age of 18 are exposed to alcohol abuse or dependence in the family. Research shows that if you are a child with drug addicted parents you are more likely to develop depression or anxiety in adolescence and use alcohol or other drugs in later life. […]

22 Aug 16

Addiction can happen to anyone, which is why we make it our prime goal to find a rehabilitation centre that fits the various needs and requirements of each individual. At Port of Call, we have a strong relationship with a wide variety of rehabilitation centres, including Christian organisations that help drug addicts. Christian help with […]

22 Jul 16

Using drugs to cope with life’s problems often makes the existing situation worse and can sometimes cause new problems to develop, leaving a person feeling helpless or ashamed. Help for drug addiction is widely available, however, as Port of Call explains in this blog.

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