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How to deal with a daughter addicted to drugs

If your daughter is addicted to drugs, it is important that you are empathetic to the challenges she faces and try to help with an open mind by understanding as much as you can. It is difficult for anyone to see a family member struggling with addiction, but as a parent, witnessing your child suffering is incredibly painful. In this blog post, Port of Call, drug rehab specialists, explain the different ways in which you can help your daughter that is addicted to drugs get onto the path towards recovery.

Help your daughter that is addicted to drugs

Whether you discovered your daughter had a problem with drugs or she came to you herself looking for support, it is very important that you are completely honest with each other. It is natural that after spending so many years taking care of your child, being in a position where you are unable to control the situation and fix it is something that you will find particularly hard. The best thing for you to do is try not to judge, try and see the situation from your daughter’s eyes, since, after all, she is the one fighting the real battle. Drug addiction isn’t a choice, it is a disease that will be completely overwhelming your daughter. Anger and judgement will not help in any way. Trying to take the blame won’t help either, she is doing this to herself and can only help herself if she wants to.

How to deal with a drug addict daughter

In terms of how to deal with a drug addicted daughter, intervention might be a great way to start the conversation around your daughter’s drug addiction if she is in denial. Seeing her family as a strong unit, recognising her addiction and ready to listen and help can be a powerful starting point to lead to her recovery. Counselling is also a great tool in widening the conversation and getting your daughter to open up about her addiction.  Having a third party in the room, completely removed from the situation can help you all open up and speak honestly. If your daughter is seeing and hearing how much this is impacting not only her own life but yours as well, it may help her see the changes she needs to make. However, a one-to-one session for your daughter could prove more useful as speaking to a stranger and not her parents could allow her to be more honest without feeling judged or ashamed.

Port of Call can help and advise you in all aspects of your coming to terms with your drug addicted daughter. We can guide you through every step, helping with both intervention and counselling.  Once she is ready, we can help her specifically with finding her treatment, such as alcohol or drug rehab, or detox programme to suit her addiction and recovery process individually. Port of Call is here to help, for more information and advice, please call 08000029010, or simply send an email to

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