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Top 10 blogs about drug addiction

The road to recovery from addiction is a challenging one, made harder through commonly associated feelings of isolation and loneliness. Sharing our experience not only contradicts these feelings but forges connections with others which can be both inspiring and life-affirming. Since the internet is so accessible, a great way to share is through online means such as forums and top blogs about drug addiction as part of online drug rehab programmes, also known as internet recovery.

Best drug addiction blogs are a great way to celebrate recovery from addiction with all of its ups and downs, giving the reader a realistic view of the process whilst also providing in-depth recovery information and advice on abstinence. Since the bloggers are either experts in the field of addiction or are in recovery themselves, the best drug abuse blogs can provide much-needed support in many forms from practical advice on nutrition to general motivation in showing what progress is possible.

Due to the positive impact top blogs about drug addiction can provide throughout a person’s recovery, at Port of Call, we decided to compile an updated list of the best drug addiction blogs, to help individuals receive the extra support they may need.

Here are Port of Call’s best drug addiction blogs:

1. Addiction Inbox: The Science of Substance Abuse

This is an extremely informative drug addiction blog that keeps you up to date on scientific and medical findings on drugs and alcohol. Blogger Dirk Hanson runs the page paying special attention to simplifying scientific jargon so that everyone can understand what substance abuse is doing to their bodies and mind.

2. Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery guru. In this top blog about drug addiction, he aids people through the recovery process by teaching mindfulness, wellness, recovery and yoga. If you’re looking for a natural healthy way to beat addiction then Tommy is the one for you. He created Recovery 2.0, a community that offers conferences, retreats, coaching, events and much more.

3. Sandy Swenson

This wonderfully honest best drug abuse blog is run by author of ‘The Joey Song: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Addiction’. Sandy discusses her journey through life while dealing with a drug addicted son. This blog is perfect for anyone who is struggling with a drug addiction in their family. Sandy is open, supportive and full of love.

4. She Recovers

She Recovers is a safe haven for women everywhere who are struggling with any kind of addiction. The best drug addiction blog offers retreats and workshops, a reading room and personal coaching to help you overcome your addiction. Take a look at She Recovers philosophies and see if they could assist you in beating addiction.

5. The Fix

The Fix is a fantastic website that covers everything addiction related. The top blog about drug addiction section of the site houses posts from all kinds of people sharing their stories and thoughts on addiction. Whether you are an addict, a friend of an addict or a family member you will find something to relate to on this blog. The site also has a forum, news section and the option to ‘ask an expert’.

6. Cathy Taughinbaugh

Cathy is a highly qualified life coach who started her drug abuse blog when discovering that drug and alcohol abuse was an issue with her children. Her blog has many recourses to aid recovery and is full of empathy, and support, for parents living with an addicted child.

7. John Mitchell

I don’t personally know John, but after a few minutes browsing his website, I thought of him as a friend. John is brutally honest about his own difficult upbringing and welcomes everyone to read, share and comment. He always replies to readers’ comments and thoughts, providing everyone with a supportive aid in recovery.

8. Addiction and Recovery News

Addiction and Recovery News is an absolutely fantastic ongoing resource that keeps people in the know about what’s going on in the world of addiction and recovery. A great source for news and extremely informative for addicts in need.

9. Jim Savage

Jim Savage is a substance abuse counsellor, author, speaker and treatment consultant. He specialises in teens, young adults and parent support. If you are looking for professional, knowledgeable and understanding support then Jim is the man for you, he offers rehab works, programmes and workshops and a great podcast.

10. Recovery Connection

This website has all you need to beat addiction. A drug addiction blog that has real life stories and perspectives, an area that allows you to talk with professionals, and a whole section dedicated to speaking to others and connecting you with people going through similar hardships.

Although the internet can be a great tool to help connect you with like-minded people, it is important to remember to seek our professional help with your addiction, in order to maximise your chances of reaching active recovery. Whether you are looking for help overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction in Manchester, all the way down to London, we can help support you through the process. 

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