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Top 15 drug addiction blogs

The road to recovery from addiction is a challenging one, made harder through commonly associated feelings of isolation and loneliness. Sharing our experience not only contradicts these feelings but forges connections with others which can be both inspiring and life-affirming. Since the internet is so accessible, a great way to share is through online means such as forums and top blogs about drug addiction as part of online drug rehab programmes, also known as internet recovery.

top drug addiction blogs

Best drug addiction blogs are a great way to celebrate recovery from addiction with all of its ups and downs, giving the reader a realistic view of the process whilst also providing in-depth recovery information and advice on abstinence. Since the bloggers are either experts in the field of addiction or are in recovery themselves, the best drug abuse blogs can provide much-needed support in many forms from practical advice on nutrition to general motivation in showing what progress is possible.

Due to the positive impact top blogs about drug addiction can provide throughout a person’s recovery, at Port of Call, we decided to compile an updated list of the best drug addiction blogs, to help individuals receive the extra support they may need.

Our best drug addiction blogs

1. Transformation is Real

This addiction recovery and personal change blog documents the journey and experiences of Daniel and other individuals who have suffered from addiction, abuse or mental illness. The main aim of this drug blog is to inspire others.

2. The Miracle of the Mundane

In this top drug addiction blog, Mark Goodson finds ordinary life to be a miracle. His writing offers an honest reflection on his own personal experiences with drug addiction and recovery.

3. The Unruffled

In this drug blog, contributors look to channel their creativity in order to remain sober. This drug addiction blog offers advice and ways for recovering addicts to maintain their life of sobriety.

4. What? Me Sober?

Bill has been sober since 1989. His drug blog covers a range of topics from spirituality to current events and recovery methods. His drug addiction blog also includes relevant resources on recovery for both individuals in recovery and their loved ones.

5. Understanding Addiction

Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, written by Marc Lewis, PhD is the first book to blend memoir and science in addiction studies. This blog offers interesting snippets of what to expect in the book.

6. The Influence

The Influence discusses news and current topics, including drug addiction, helping individuals on the road to recovery.

7. Juggling the Jenkins

This is the blog and website of recovering addict Tiffany Jenkins who is also a YouTube and social media sensation. The blog is around motherhood and marriage as well as addiction. The blog also features the stories of hope of others who have faced addiction, abuse and other challenges.

8. The Secret Drug Addict

A Twitter account, rather than a blog, @ScrtDrugAddict is nevertheless an active and useful resource. Here you’ll find tweets and shares of all things addiction and drug abuse-related.

9.  Blog in Hot Pants

The tagline of this website is ‘mishaps with men, mental health, BBC and drugs’. It is written by Caroline Turriff who is a reporter specialising in mental health and addiction and in recovery from addiction. @carolineturriff is also active on Twitter.

10. NIDA’s blog for teens

This is the blog belonging to the official National Institute for Drugs website for teens, teachers and parents. The blog is a take on science-based information to help and encourage young people to make informed decisions.

11. Drug-Free Parent

Expert advice and parental and family opinion and experience combine in this informative space. The blog is hosted by a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the entire family with substance abuse issues.

12. Shatterproof

In the same vein as the Drug-Free Parent, Shatterproof has a newsy and broad approach feel. Relatable and heart-rending personal stories meet insight and information.

13. Cathy Taughinbaugh

A US-based parent coach, Cathy Taughinbaugh provides articles and insight for mums and dads supporting their offspring through substance abuse.

14. Reddit – addiction

This is a community rather than a blog and provides a mixed bag arena of input. As with any sharing space on the web, it’s a place to proceed with caution and care but can be a valuable support to families and users.

15) Russell Brand

A true figurehead of recovery and reinvention, comedian, actor, writer and presenter Russell Brand uses his website to promote power and positivity in getting well. Much of what he shares is in the form of podcasts – great for those who prefer to listen rather than read.

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About the author: Alex Molyneux

Alex is our admissions team leader. Over the last 5 years he has spoken with more than 10,000 people via our helpline and has organised over 1,000 detox and rehabilitation placements.

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