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How to treat cannabis addiction

Although the effects of marijuana may be less severe than other drug substances, cannabis addiction is still a common problem throughout the UK. At present, cannabis is the most common illegal drug and a staggering 30% of cannabis smokers admit to having a drug use problem. Cannabis not only has the power to become addictive, but can also lead users to more harmful drugs, which can be even more difficult to overcome. Here, drug rehab advice specialists, Port of Call looks at the best ways to treat cannabis addiction.

Marijuana addiction treatment

There are various approaches to marijuana addiction treatment and certain drug treatments can assist with cannabis dependence, helping users to recover from their addiction. Here, we look at the most popular methods of treating cannabis addiction, which may even entail private rehab.

marijuana addiction treatment

Treating cannabis addiction with drug detox

The first step to recovery requires the removal of drug toxins from the body, which is known as drug detox. Drug detoxification is generally a necessary step in overcoming a cannabis addiction and should occur before treatment. It is important that drug detox is approached in a safe and sensible manner and should therefore only be carried out when a registered professional is present.

Most commonly, drug detox is carried out in a safe environment, where around the clock attention and medical assistance is offered. The drug detox will often be carried out in a rehabilitation centre, following guidance form a residential drug withdrawal treatment plan, produced by a registered professional in order to meet individual needs. However, in certain cases, a supervised home detox may be more beneficial.

Rehabilitation for cannabis addiction

Rehabilitation is one of the most common treatments for cannabis dependency. It involves a structured, personalised plan, suited to each individual and encompasses different methods of treatment.

Treatment received at rehab could include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Contingency management
  • Motivational enhancement therapy

Rehab is usually an inpatient facility that takes an abstinence based approach. Some rehab programmes can occur in an outpatient setting, but all rehab programmes will provide support and care, helping individuals overcome their cannabis addiction. The choice between in or outpatient rehab will depend on the needs of the individual.

Cannabis aftercare recovery

Following rehabilitation, an aftercare programme will normally be provided, which is aimed at helping people to stay in recovery. Aftercare programmes are thought to increase the chance of individuals staying in recovery and remaining abstinent. Programmes usually last between a year and eighteen months and can include peer recovery organisations and counselling sessions run by registered professionals.

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