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What is Cocaine Anonymous and how could it help you?

Cocaine Anonymous UK is a fellowship that aims to address cocaine’s effects on a human scale across the country. If you’re in need of support regarding cocaine addiction and have looked into drug rehab and private rehab, then Cocaine Anonymous could be the solution that turns your life around and leads you to recovery.

What is Cocaine Anonymous?

Cocaine Anonymous is a communion of people who have been or still are involved with cocaine and come together to share their experiences. The aim of this is to help each other to overcome drug addiction through spreading strength and hope around the group. Males and females are welcome to attend Cocaine Anonymous if they desire to stop using cocaine and any other mind altering substances.Cocaine Anonymous

Where to find Cocaine Anonymous?

It is free to join the fellowship – Cocaine Anonymous is a fully self-supporting organisation in every sense. You can contact them by calling 08000029010. Alternatively, you can email at For more information, visit

Does cocaine anonymous work?

One CA member, who chose to remain anonymous, certainly thinks so. He told Dundee newspaper The Courier that Cocaine Anonymous had changed his life and could do the same for other addicts who are dependent on the substance.

“Cocaine addiction is a big problem all over Scotland but these meetings can change the life of users,” he said. “They definitely changed my life. It was the first place I could talk properly about my substance abuse without fear of being judged or criticised.

“I was addicted to cocaine and other mind-altering substances and used it to escape reality but in truth, the damage it did to me was unbelievable. Every minute of every day I was living in abject misery. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I couldn’t understand what was causing me to use every day,” he added.

Since joining Cocaine Anonymous, this former addict’s prospects have brightened significantly. “I’ve been clean for a number of years now and it’s all thanks to everything I learned from the 12-step recovery programme,” he said.

“Everyone is welcome and I just hope by speaking out this reaches someone and they take the first step to changing their lives for the better by going along to one of the meetings. If I can do it, others can too – they just need to take that first step,” he added.

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“I wanted somewhere caring and compassionate. Not a boot camp approach. I’m sober 6 months on”

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