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Know the facts about substance abuse

Ever wondered what substance abuse actually means and how various drugs can affect you? Port of Call answers all as we take a look at various different types of substance abuse, and how to find an alcohol rehab near you.

Facts about substance abuse

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse, or drug abuse, is a pattern of substance or drug use to levels that could be harmful to the drug user or others around them. Virtually any substance that results in a euphoric so-called ‘high’ can be abused.

The following drugs, and substances, are commonly abused and can often result in dependencies:


Although legal, alcohol is a toxic substance, and is perennially the most common of addictions. Alcoholism can lead to far-reaching damage to an individual’s health, wellbeing and relationships.


Amphetamines come in many forms. From prescription varieties include methylphenidate, like Ritalin, to illegally manufactured drugs like methamphetamine, otherwise known as crystal meth. However, overdose of any of these can result in seizure and death.

Anabolic steroids

Best known for their use among bodybuilders and athletes, the long-term physical effects of anabolic steroids can be as serious as infertility and organ failure. They’re also know to produce psychological effects, such as aggression and paranoia.


The scientific name for cannabis, or marijuana, is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC stimulates cells in the brain to release dopamine, creating euphoria, but it can also interfere with how information is processed in the hippocampus – the part of the brain responsible for forming new memories. It can induce hallucinations, sickness and cause delusions.


Cocaine stimulates the nervous system leading to extreme confidence, alertness and reduced appetite. High doses can raise the body’s temperature and in some cases cause convulsions, heart attack and heart failure.


Also known as MDMA (methamphetamine), ecstasy can create a sense of euphoria and affection. At overdose it can increase body temperature to fatal levels.


LSD, mescaline and certain mushrooms fall into the Hallucinogens family. The mind altering effects of these drugs, particularly in the case of danger perception, can put users to take risks that they otherwise wouldn’t consider.


Inhalants are one of the most commonly abused substances. That’s thanks largely to the widespread availability of inhalants like ammonia, bleach, and glue. Depending on the individual, brain damage or death could occur from using an inhalant.


Opiates, like heroin, morphine and methadone markedly decrease the functioning of the nervous system. Increasing doses needed to reach a high can reach a lethal dose, which stops breathing.

Signs of drug use

You may have a substance abuse problem if you can recognise any of these signs of drug use:

  • You’re neglecting your responsibilities at school, work, or home because of your drug use.
  • You’re using drugs under dangerous conditions or taking risks while high.
  • Your drug use is getting you into legal trouble.
  • Your drug use is causing problems in your relationships.

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