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Read about the dangerous physical and psychological effects of drugs

The damaging effects of drugs simply can’t be overstated. As well as posing a major risk to your heart and other major organs, drug addiction can wreak havoc on your life in other ways too. In this blog, Port of Call spells out the health risks, hears how a former cocaine addict kicked his habit and outlines the addiction support that we can offer, including detox and drug rehab.

Drugs affect our bodies in different ways because of their different chemical compositions. It’s fair to say that some drugs can alter someone’s body and brain long after they’ve stopped taking them. In some cases that could mean a permanent change for the worse. Here we take a closer look at the effects of drugs, and how to find a drug rehab facility close to you.

Alcohol effects

We know that most drugs will either directly or indirectly target the brain’s pleasure receptors by flooding the system with dopamine. This neurotransmitter occurs naturally in the brain and regulates movement, emotion, cognition, motivation, and crucially feelings of pleasure.

Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter; a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells. The brain has several distinct dopamine systems and one of those is linked to reward motivated behaviour. Most types of reward increase our level’s of dopamine in the brain and addictive drugs can increase dopamine activity. It is these changes in brain chemistry that ultimately lead to compulsive drug use and addiction.

Drugs and alcohol are brain depressants that suppress the brain’s production of neurotransmitters, so when a person stops using drugs or alcohol the brain produces a surge of adrenaline that causes drug withdrawal symptoms.

What are the physical effects of drugs?

Drug abuse and dependence can have extensive knock-on physical effects affecting nearly every organ in the body. It can lead to a weakening of the immune system, which leads to greater susceptibility to infections.

  • Substance abuse can also result in cardiovascular conditions, from an abnormal heart rate to a full-blown heart attack. The liver also has to work harder, when processing illicit substances, which can cause significant damage or liver failure in the longer term.
  • It can also lead to seizures, stroke and mental issues like memory problems, impaired attention and decision-making and permanent brain damage. Behavioural issues can also become a concern, such as paranoia, aggressiveness, hallucinations, impaired judgment, impulsiveness, and loss of self-control.
  • Substance abuse causes more deaths, illnesses and disabilities than any other preventable health condition. The negative effects of drugs vary from accidental injuries, to domestic violence, medical conditions and in the most extreme cases: death.

Drug abuse and dependence can have extensive knock on physical effects affecting nearly every organ in the body. It can lead to a weakening of the immune system, which leads to greater susceptibility to infections.

It is important to know that many businesses also operate drug screenings, which can read about here.

Effects of drugs – Case study example

Effects of Drugs_cocaine

Dan, 24, from Liverpool, used to be a recreational cocaine user. He said: “A big night out for me and the lads used to always start with some beers and a couple of lines of coke at one of our flats. That was just what we did, we didn’t even think twice about it, and we felt invincible.

“It got to the point where we were ‘getting on it’ several times a week; even on weeknights. I’d go to work exhausted, couldn’t concentrate, and generally felt low for long periods afterwards.

“My constant yo-yoing mood swings were too much for my girlfriend and work colleagues. She broke off our relationships and I ended up getting suspended from work after a random drug test came back positive.

“I was at total rock bottom when I decided to reach out for Addiction support. I’d run up huge debts from my habit and had cut myself off from friends, family and colleagues. The Addiction counsellor put me in touch with specialist drug counsellors and a detox clinic that really helped me to curb my addiction.

“I’ve been clean for six months now. I don’t see those friends anymore and I’ve recently started a new relationship and a great new job. I honestly don’t miss that lifestyle. I genuinely feel happier than I ever did with cocaine. To be honest, Port of Call’s Addiction help has completely turned my life around.”

Disclaimer: Names and certain details have been changed to protect the identity of case study participants.

About the author: Martin Preston

Martin is our Founder and Chief Executive. Martin is himself in long term recovery and started Port of Call to help families navigate treatment options. In 2020 Martin will open Delamere Health Ltd, the UK’s first purpose built addiction treatment clinic.

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