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Top Drug Addiction Blogs

Undergoing recovery from a drug addiction is a monumental challenge, but that’s what makes reaching sobriety such a momentous achievement. However, for some, it can be the period after undergoing drug rehab treatment that can be tough. Drug addiction blogs can provide that extra level of support, just when you need it the most. Many find comfort and solace in reading how others have faced and overcome obstacles similar to the ones that they are facing. With this in mind, we at Port of Call have listed our top drug addiction blogs in order to help individuals on their journey to sobriety.

top drug addiction blogs

The best drug blogs

1. Addiction Land
Addiction land is a drug recovery blog that not only offers advice for individuals in and out of recovery, it offers a blogging platform for individuals to share their thoughts, while providing an insight into the lives of others.

2. Recovering Addicts Advice
This is a thoughtful drug blog offering different perspectives on addiction and recovery. This top drug addiction blog uncovers the struggle and processes that bring those in recovery together.

3. Addiction Inbox
In this drug addiction blog, Dirk Hanson offers scientific and medical findings on drugs and alcohol. With posts including interviews with neuroscientists and others, this top drug addiction blog simplifies complex medical information on drug treatment to make them easy to understand.

4. Transformation is Real
This addiction recovery and personal change blog documents the journey and experiences of Daniel and other individuals who have suffered from addiction, abuse or mental illness. The main aim of this drug blog is to inspire others.

5. The Miracle of the Mundane
In this top drug addiction blog, Mark Goodson finds ordinary life to be a miracle. His writing offers an honest reflection on his own personal experiences with drug addiction and recovery.

6. The Unruffled
In this drug blog, contributors look to channel their creativity in order to remain sober. This drug addiction blog offers advice and ways for recovering addicts to maintain their life of sobriety.

7. Buzz Kill Pod
Paul describes himself as “merely an example of what recovery can do to change someone and their outlook on life”. Predominately a podcast, his accounts in this drug recovery blog are honest and inspiring.

8. Recovery Reflections
In Recovery Reflections, users share poems, sayings and quotes, each of which provide a refreshing and positive outlook for those recovering from addiction.

9. What? Me Sober?
Bill has been sober since 1989. His drug blog covers a range of topics from spirituality to current events and recovery methods. His drug addiction blog also includes relevant resources on recovery for both individuals in recovery and their loved ones.

10. Understanding Addiction
Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, written by Marc Lewis, PhD is the first book to blend memoir and science in addiction studies. This blog offers interesting snippets of what to expect in the book.

11. The Girl in the Mirror
The Girl in the Mirror is a drug blog written by Kali, someone who is trying to get her life back together. She talks about her religious beliefs in her blog posts, something she believes has helped a lot with her own recovery journey.

12. Methadone Pretty
Methadone Pretty is a drug blog written by a 48-year-old woman in recovery from an opiate addiction. Methadone Pretty is a good resource for anyone who does not feel as if they are ready for complete abstinence.

13. Mom Vs Heroin
Drug addiction causes devastation for family members as well as the individual with an addiction. In this drug addiction blog, the author writes about losing a daughter to drugs, which can be relatable to any parent who has a child addicted to drugs.

14. The Influence
The Influence discusses news and current topics, including drug addiction, helping individuals on the road to recovery.

15. The Clean Slate
The Clean Slate is a drug blog which focuses on how addictive behaviours’ are under full control of the individual.

16. Seeking Serenity
This drug recovery blog documents the experiences of three mothers whose children struggle with substance abuse. This top drug addiction blog is geared towards helping others find solace in their journey.

17. Stories of Recovery from Addiction
The short stories in this drug blog are written by recovering drug users, about their own personal recovery process. Each story offers inspiration and hope for all individuals tackling drug addiction.

18. Heroes in Recovery
Heroes in Recovery is a drug addiction blog that aims to break the stigma of addiction through the power of storytelling. This drug blog looks to celebrate those who will seek the help they need, without feeling ashamed of their addiction.

19. Addictionz
Addictionz is more of a platform than a drug blog, providing an online space for recovering addicts to share poems and content, allowing their creativity to benefit their recovery in a positive way.

20. The Addicts Mom
With over 70,000 members supporting one another, this is more of an online community for those suffering at the hands of a loved one’s addiction.

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