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Top Cannabis Addiction Blogs

Undergoing recovery from a cannabis addiction is a huge challenge and sometimes staying in active recovery is harder than attending drug rehab. Reading and hearing about other’s experiences can sometimes help when going through addiction to drugs like cannabis. In many cases, individuals find solace and support in other people’s cannabis recovery stories, reading how others have faced and overcome obstacles similar to the ones they may be facing at present. That’s why Port of Call has compiled a list of our favourite cannabis recovery blogs, in order to help individuals on their journey to recovery.

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Check out our list of marijuana addiction blogs

1. Quit Marijuana

Quit Marijuana is a marijuana recovery blog which helps individuals overcome their cannabis addiction through helpful, step by step resources. Offering online courses and a community of like-minded people, this marijuana addiction bloghelps you get through withdrawal so that you can live without being a prisoner to marijuana addiction.

2. Drug Class

Drug Class has become nationally recognised in the Drug and Alcohol Education and Prevention field. These cannabis recovery stories help people better understand the nature of problems associated with substance abuse.

3. Recovery 2.0

Tommy Rosen believes yoga has the power to help individuals overcome addiction. An addiction recovery expert, Tommy’s top marijuana addiction blog provides personal stories of addiction, accounts of how he managed to stay 25 years clean and the latest research into drugs.

4. The Addiction Show

Shira shares the stories and inspiration of her idols, who helped her recover from addiction. Her aim with The Addiction Show and her marijuana recovery blog is to de-stigmatise addiction and get everyone talking about their experiences and life lessons.

5. Marijuana Harmless… Think Again

This marijuana recovery blog offers vital information on the drug and provides cannabis addiction help. This top marijuana addiction blog helps educate parents, employers, teachers and youths about the negative effects that marijuana can have on both the individual and their families.

6. Cannabis Information & Support

This is a great resource for anyone looking for a wide variety of supportive tools, free publications, and information relating to cannabis addiction. It is based in Australia but the hints and tips are valid worldwide.

7. How to Quit Smoking Weed Help

Written from Rick’s perspective, these cannabis recovery stories work to help individuals towards realistic recovery. Documenting his long journey with marijuana, Rick tells of his success, and sometimes weakness, when it comes to cannabis.

8. Marijuana Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous is an online community of men and women who once smoked cannabis. The contributors of this marijuana recovery blog share their individual experiences, strengths and hope in order to solve problems and help overs recover from marijuana addiction

Port of Call can help you find the right treatment for cannabis addiction at the right time. If you, or someone you love, is struggling with addiction, call us today for free on 08000029010 or simply email help@portofcall.com.

Black and white laptop someone looking for marijuana blogs

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