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Finding my local drug rehab centre

Locating the right drug rehab centre and course of treatment that suits your needs, is crucial. Deciding whether to attend a local drug rehab centre close to home or to find a drug rehab clinic farther afield can be one of the most important decisions you make. At Port of Call, we can help you weigh up the benefits of the familiar over the unknown – our advisers have extensive knowledge of a range of drug rehab programmes and centres plus you can access our online drug rehab directory to find out where local drug rehab programmes are running – if you decide that this is the right option for you.

With so many unknown factors involved in choosing drug rehab, beginning your recovery journey can feel confusing and daunting. Attending a drug rehab clinic that is in a place away from home can often make sense. A clean break that allows you to focus purely on getting well, without distraction is often called for. Others feel more comfortable attending a local drug rehab programme or centre that is close to where they live and this can often mean that aftercare is more easily accessible. The most important factor is choosing somewhere that has the right expertise, resource, environment and ethos. The key is to talk with someone who can help, and Port of Call are on hand to help you navigate and understand the options. You can also search our online drug rehab centre database which will give you a good sense of what’s available, and help you find the most suitable rehab.

Finding my local drug rehab centre

What to expect during your drug rehab experience

It is fair to say that no two people who attend drug rehab will have the same experience. We are all individuals with our own preferences and needs. On arrival at the drug rehab centre, each person is assessed by a counsellor, who will try to find out as much as they can about you and your addiction issues. They will draw up a treatment plan that specifically addresses your needs so that you can start to feel more balanced and in control. Regaining a sense of equilibrium in your life is an on going process that can continue long after you leave the clinic to return home.

The rehabilitation processes you will undergo in a drug rehab clinic are intentionally powerful and intense. Your time at the clinic will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to maintain and sustain your recovery. The length of each drug rehab programme may vary, from 28 days to 12 weeks or even longer in some cases. It has been proven that individuals who have a longer stay in rehab are known to have a better chance of long-term recovery.

Whatever the length of your drug rehab programme, most people benefit from a six to eight week programme of rehabilitation with lots of drug rehab clinics offering further care to smooth your journey back into normal, everyday life so as to minimise the risk of having to be admitted into an institution.

Staying in local drug rehab helped Sasha

Sasha, 32 from York, got in contact with Port of Call after using our online drug rehab directory to find a local drug rehab programme near to where she lived. “I knew I wanted to stay close to my family. My Mum was just starting to get better after a big operation so I knew I needed to stay close to home. It meant a lot to me that I was able to find a place in local drug rehab. It meant she was able to visit me, which I know put her mind at rest. If I’d had to go somewhere miles away then she would have worried about me far more.

I didn’t think I’d be able to find a drug rehab centre that was so convenient. My boyfriend helped me to look for a place online using the Port of Call drug rehab directory. Seeing that there was somewhere like that so close to my home, made it much easier for me to pick up the ‘phone and call Port of Call for advice on what to do next. They were able to find me a place in the drug rehab clinic of my choice the very next week which was brilliant news!

The treatment I received at the clinic was full on, but I know it was what I needed. I stuck to the treatment plan as much as I possibly could and my counsellor told me how well I’d done to maintain my focus and achieve my goals. I’ve been back at home for about a year now and I’m pleased to say that my experiences with drugs are very much in the past – thanks to Port of Call and my local drug rehab centre. I know my recovery has helped my Mum get better from her operation too.”

Benefits of local drug rehab programmes

Martin Preston, founder of Port of Call, stated: “Sasha’s story is a great example of how beneficial it can be to go to a local drug rehab centre. Being close to family and friends can give a person that extra boost of support, which really makes a difference to their motivation and commitment to recover.

“Because Port of Call has independent access to such all the registered clinics in the UK, we are in constant contact with the best drug rehab programmes and clinicians in the country. This means we are ideally placed to find the most appropriate treatment option for every individual who makes us their first Port of Call when searching for help and support,” he added.

For a free and confidential assessment, please call now on 08000029010, or alternatively email . Our expert team of friendly advisers are waiting to support you or a loved one, to guide you towards finding the right treatment – whether that’s in local drug rehab or somewhere farther from home. Whatever your preference, we can find you the drug rehab treatment programme that works for you.

Disclaimer: Names and some details have been changed to protect the identity of our case study participants.

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“I wanted somewhere caring and compassionate. Not a boot camp approach. I’m sober 6 months on”

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