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Doing the research on drug rehab

If you or someone close to you, are looking for drug rehab or how to find drug treatment, then the options available are both wide and varied. Having lots of different choices available is a positive development but it can also make the experience of locating the drug rehab centre that is right for you and your needs, a little confusing. This is why the Port of Call drug rehab directory is such a valuable resource, providing an expert guide to assist with that all-important decision to reach out for help and support, at the time when you need it most.

Getting some perspective and awareness of just what kind of issues you might be dealing with, is often the first step towards recovery. For example, you may need to ask yourself some fairly searching and personal questions about what your situation is and the extent of what you are actually dealing with and need support to overcome. Carrying out some basic research into some of the treatment options available can be hugely beneficial in not only starting your journey but also knowing just what support you might need to complete it. Carrying out this early research can really set you ahead of the game when it comes to looking for drug rehab and how to find drug treatment.

How to find drug treatment centres

Asking questions about your addiction

If you, or someone you care about, are concerned that drugs are featuring too much in their lives, then it might be worth taking the time out to ask the following questions:

  • Do I/they feel the need to use the drug regularly?
  • Do I/they feel the need to use more of the drug to achieve the same effect?
  • Have I/ they promised myself/themselves to stop taking drugs but still continued?
  • If I/they try to stop taking drugs or cut down on the amount, do I/they feel depressed, anxious or unwell?
  • Have I/they lost interest in family, friends, hobbies/leisure activities or work?

If you, or someone you know, answered yes to any of these questions, and are concerned about your situation, then you might need to take action to find professional help.

How to find drug treatment

Finding the right drug treatment and rehab that suits your individual set of circumstances is a personal experience. You might want to deal with the situation in a place or clinic that you are not familiar with or you might want to find a local drug rehab centre that you recognise and is close to where you live. Thinking about what will suit you best in advance can make all the difference to your ability to recover. Be as honest with yourself as possible. For example, you might be more comfortable getting away from where you live and going into the countryside to recover. Some people like to be in a more private setting whilst others progress better when things are a bit more social.

Whatever your rehabilitation preference might be, the Port of Call team are here to provide you, or a loved one, with the guidance and support you need to find the drug rehab treatment or drug rehab centre that is most appropriate and suits your needs. Our comprehensive online drug rehab directory has a full listing of drug rehab centres and clinics throughout the UK. From specialist private rehab centres close to home to luxurious private rehab clinics in the countryside, the Port of Call drug rehab directory includes an extensive list of treatment options.

Looking for drug rehab?

In addition to researching the directory, you may also like to speak to someone in confidence about the options available. The Port of Call team of expert advisers, many of whom have been through the recovery process themselves, are ready to listen and guide you towards a varied selection of drug rehab treatment centres and options.

You don’t have to be on your own, so why not reach out to someone who knows what you might be going through and is fully trained to help. Call Port of Call for free today on 08000029010 or email

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