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Substance abuse treatment for women

There are lots of good reasons for establishing drug treatment for women that takes place in a gender specific environment. Read on to find out how women’s drug treatment is delivered at a women’s addiction treatment centre in Cardiff, South Wales.

Alcohol and drug treatment centres for women specialise in helping women with their unique needs. A women-only rehab clinic is also staffed by women, which can help with any trust issues. A female only drug or alcohol rehab environment also offers a place of safety that might not be possible in a more integrated environment. Other advantages of having treatment in a gender specific environment are the application of therapies that are more suitable for women, plus the consideration of support for childcare.

Gender Specific Treatment Options for Women

What happens in the women’s addiction treatment centre?

The substance abuse treatment for women and addiction at this small, tranquil unit in Cardiff, enables the highly skilled staff to address the behaviours and coping mechanisms of all the female residents. With an emphasis on support and managing traumas that may be associated with domestic or previous abuse, the cohesive environment enables the women to address their treatment and recovery without distractions, attentions and competition – all of which might be experienced by trying to deal with their women’s substance abuse in a mixed gender or integrated environment.

At this secluded Cardiff clinic, nine out of 10 clients achieve their treatment goal with a fully qualified, expert team of psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, nurses and key workers taking care of all residents.

What is the ethos and approach?

At this 14-bed clinic, women and addiction are considered in terms of having a primary illness with physical, mental and spiritual (relationship) symptoms. Each person is treated using a multi-dimensional approach with the aim of responding to and working with the whole person, rather than their individual parts. Secondary care is also available with therapies based on both individual and group work.

With specialisms in alcohol addiction, clinical detox, drug addiction and prescription drugs, at this alcohol treatment centre for women every attempt is made to provide a treatment process that balances both support and challenge. They believe that this provides the best medium for change and that one of the greatest assets in this process is the peer group sessions.

How long do I need to stay in an alcoholic treatment centre for women?

Most people stay for 12 weeks as part of their primary programme, although there is flexibility with the length of stay – depending on the progress you make. Throughout your stay, staff at the addiction treatment centre will help you to address both the physical and psychological aspects of your dependency issues, with a view to achieving and remaining abstinent.

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