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Alcohol Home Detox

What is an Alcohol home detox?

When a person has a physical dependency towards alcohol, they often undergo a recovery process known as Alcohol detox. This process starts by addressing their physical needs and enables them to safely and effectively remove the substance from their system under close supervision of medical experts.

Although admission to a private residential rehab centre is thought to offer the ideal and most effective route to recovery, it isn’t always well-suited to each individual’s situation. As a result, many often feel at a loss as to how to detox from Alcohol safely, without necessarily attending rehab. An Alcohol home detox, where a registered clinician oversees a structured detox programme at your home, can prove to be far more practical in certain cases.

Alcohol Home Detox

How to detox from Alcohol at home

The benefits of an Alcohol home detox are many and varied. You can begin immediately, with no waiting lists or risk of delay. Port of Call can organise an Alcohol home detox programme anywhere in the UK within a couple of days. We only work with the best clinicians to ensure you experience a safe and comfortable detox, surrounded by family in the comfort of your own home. It’s a convenient and safe alternative to residential treatment. Plus, we’ll also ensure that your Alcohol home detox is supported by ongoing therapy for as long as you need it.

Benefits of an Alcohol Home Detox

The following list includes some of the advantages of undergoing a Drug or Alcohol home detox:

  • Complete confidentiality & privacy
  • A fast way to become alcohol or drug-free
  • A more affordable option
  • Extensive support to help you remain alcohol or drug-free

The right help, at the right time

Port of Call can secure an appropriate Alcohol home detox and rehabilitation treatment programme for you quickly and discreetly. We will give you a free and confidential assessment over the telephone and can then help you to navigate towards the most suitable course of treatment and support. Please call our free phone line on 0800 002 9010, we are ready and willing to help you through your addiction.

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