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What is an intervention?

An intervention can be a powerful tool to show an addict the broad-ranging impact of their addictions and to encourage them to reach out for help and seek rehabilitation. The earlier an intervention can be staged, the sooner their addiction can be managed through to recovery. Interventions are normally facilitated by a counsellor, or interventionist, and are actively supported by family, friends and anyone else who might be committed to the welfare of the addicted person. Intervention is a good first step for someone struggling with addiction to come to terms with their problems. This could possibly lead to drug or alcohol rehab to start the recovery process.

Their collective influence can provide a poignant illustration of the devastating effects that an addict’s actions can have on their nearest and dearest. It is also an opportunity for solidarity, to show how much they care about that person’s welfare and that immediate help is at hand.

How does an intervention work?

The intervention itself needs to be somewhere comfortable, and non-threatening, for the addict. It should involve as many affected parties as possible. They should all receive intervention training and prepare some notes beforehand. This will ensure that they can correctly channel the positive messages of care and encouragement that are central to any successful intervention.

Before an intervention can take place, the interventionist will work with the family to find a suitable rehabilitation clinic, or treatment programme, with capacity to treat the addict immediately after the intervention.

What happens at an intervention?

Each person who is at an intervention should address the addict with pre-prepared insights, such as:

  • Changes in the addict’s behaviour, personality and treatment of others.
  • How they have personally been affected by these changes.
  • How their relationship with the addict has changed.
  • Hopes and aims for the addict once they have received treatment.
  • A promise that they love the addict and that they will not support any further self-destruction.

When is the best time to seek an intervention program?

Addiction is a progressive illness. Leaving it to worsen, without help, is a course of action that we simply do not recommend. To avoid the potentially heartbreaking and traumatic consequences of addiction it is vital to secure an intervention as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until you, or the person you are trying to help, reaches their lowest ebb. The sooner you, or they, can get help the more effective treatment will be and the quicker it could be to reach recovery.

How to arrange an intervention?

Port of Call can organise every aspect of your intervention programme. Following a free and confidential assessment over the telephone we can secure a fully qualified counsellor, or interventionist, to facilitate the entire intervention process, wherever you are based. Please call our free phone line on 08000029010, we are ready and willing to help you navigate towards the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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