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When is the right time to help?

Waiting for people to ask for help or ‘hit bottom’ is a risky strategy. Addiction is a progressive illness that, if left untreated, always gets worse, never better. Leaving it to worsen, without help, is a course of action that we simply do not recommend.

Trying to help can be extremely frustrating, especially if someone is in denial about their problem. They may react defensively and angrily to any suggestions that their drinking or drug taking is out of control. But ignoring the problem will only prolong the misery for everyone involved.

To avoid the potentially heartbreaking and traumatic consequences of addiction it is vital to secure early identification of a problem and to seek professional help as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until you, or the person you are trying to help, reaches their lowest ebb. They sooner you, or they, can get help the more effective treatment will be and the quicker it could be to reach recovery.

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There is no quick fix or one size fits all solution for treating alcoholism and drug dependency. They are complex problems, with many related issues. Recovery is possible though. We have seen it on many occasions. People in the depths of despair have sought our help and gone on to complete recovery and re-taken control of their lives.

Whether it be private rehab, or specialist addiction counsellors, there are many ways to get help and Port of Call can assist you with all of them. We will give you a free and confidential assessment over the telephone and can then help you to navigate towards the most appropriate course of treatment and support. Please call our free phone line 08000029010, today to ensure that the next success story is you, your loved one, friend or colleague.

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