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Alcohol Addiction Help

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Addiction to alcohol or problem drinking can be very distressing for everyone involved. When you start to notice that the problems associated with someone’s drinking begin to outweigh the benefits, this is when a person’s relationship with alcohol has become problematic and seeking alcoholism help through a structured treatment programme at an alcohol rehab facility becomes necessary.

Whether you are the person affected by alcohol addiction, or you are trying to help someone you love, a friend or a colleague, alcohol support is within reach.

Support with alcohol addiction

Seeking alcoholism help can be the single most effective step you can take towards taking control of your relationship with alcohol. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that alcohol addiction is in fact a mental illness. If you have become physically dependent towards alcohol, suddenly stopping drinking can have life-threatening consequences, it is for this reason that it is crucially important to access the right alcohol support advice and alcohol addiction help in order to help you detox from alcohol gradually and safely. As alcohol support specialists, Port of Call can provide you with the alcoholism help you need in order to access the most suitable alcohol support programme for you.

For more information on some of the most common signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction , follow the link.

Where to go for alcoholism help?

Successfully addressing alcohol addiction can take several forms and determining the best course of action for you or your family is the next step. There are numerous ways to receive alcoholism help; from support groups, to counselling, from free ‘outpatient’ services to private residential treatment.

We wish to assure you that alcoholism help is available and we’re here to help you navigate a range of treatment options.

We would urge anyone who is looking to access professional alcohol addiction support to seek help through this process. Reaching out for alcoholism help is very much the first step in tackling alcohol addiction; one that requires a lot of courage, but will ultimately help you take back control of your relationship with alcohol.

What happens when I call Port of Call?

  • You will speak in confidence to someone who will listen to what’s happening in your life.
  • Your situation will be explored fully and appropriate suggestions and recommendations as to how to access alcohol addiction help will be given.
  • You will speak to someone who understands addiction, is in active recovery and is able to provide you with unbiased and impartial information, advice and alcohol support.
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