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Alcohol Addiction Counselling

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Are you, or a loved one suffering from alcohol addiction? Counselling for alcohol addiction is one of the most effective methods for overcoming an addiction and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. At Port of Call, we are here to provide you with all of the information that you need to choose the right alcohol rehab and therapy to suit your needs.

Counselling for alcohol addiction

What is alcohol counselling?

Whether it is you, or a loved one, dealing with an alcohol addiction can be a difficult and lonely place to be. Counselling and therapy for alcohol deals with the symptoms of alcohol addiction and can help guide the person dealing with an addiction by offering them a structure alcohol treatment programme. Counselling for drinking problems works to change the behaviour of the individual’s life by employing the 12-step ideology and providing them with what they need in order to recover.

Counselling for alcohol addiction is an imperative part of the recovery process as it not only focuses on helping the individual achieve long term recovery, but also works to heal the damage caused by their addiction to alcohol.

Counselling can vary depending on the individual, whether it is in a group or private alcohol counselling. Sessions can be led by a psychiatrist or a registered counsellor. Rehabilitation centres often incorporate counselling for alcohol addiction into their treatment plans. Throughout alcohol counselling, the individual will be able to share their stories and feelings with others, whether this is in a group or one-to-one environment in hope that they will overcome any isolation and loneliness that they may be feeling. The key element of this process is to ensure that the person going through addiction has someone to talk to and that they are not alone in their journey towards recovery.

Alcohol counselling and what to expect

Counselling for alcohol addiction most typically involves group sessions, where individuals who have been through addiction in the past have the opportunity to share their stories and struggles with others who may have been in similar situations. The two main functions of this process are that members of the group are able to tell their story and listen to others, thus achieving somewhat of a community where individuals can support each other through their journey.

Alcohol counselling and therapy aids the patient in discovering ways to deal with alcohol temptations as well as dealing with other effects of alcohol addiction, such as anxiety and depression. There are various therapies that the individual will experience in their counselling sessions, including cognitive behavioural therapy, which encourages individuals to notice the link between alcohol cravings and their feelings. These cravings can be turned into healthier thoughts. Other therapies can include motivational enhancement and relapse prevention.

Benefits of alcohol counselling

Counselling has proven to be a very effective step of the rehabilitation process. Psychological changes in ones life can only be made with the correct mindset and mental strength. Tackling the psychological aspect of addiction cannot be overlooked for long-term abstinence. By attending counselling and therapy for alcohol the state of mind is being changed to help the individual to deal with temptation and relapse. Out of one-to-one and private alcohol counselling, group sessions are recommended as you not only share your feelings with a wider audience, but you are able to listen to other situations and relate to others, thus supporting others and getting support from your peers. However, private alcohol counselling sessions are more suitable for certain situations and the needs of the individual will always be put first.

Alcohol counselling for your loved ones

Alcohol addiction can also effect the loved ones of the individual. Counselling is also available for families who have may have been involved throughout the addiction. Loved ones of the individual can often go through a range of emotions whilst trying to help them such as confusion, frustration and loneliness. The first step to recovering is often staging an intervention, this should be done sooner rather than later as the longer it’s left, the more serious the addiction can get and the longer and harder it is to recover. Therefore, we urge you to take action as soon as possible to maximise the chances of your loved one recovering.

Where to go for alcohol addiction counselling?

At Port of Call, we understand what you’re going through and make it our priority to help you take the steps required to achieve a healthy recovery and long-term abstinence. We will find the most suitable counselling for your addiction by carrying out a free assessment for you, or a loved one over the phone, taking all of your individual requirements into consideration. If you think you may need counselling for alcohol addiction, please call us 08000029010, or email help@portofcall.com.

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