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Dealing  with a drug addiction, whether it is your own or a loved one’s, can be extremely difficult and confusing. The issues surrounding drug abuse are often quite complex and varied, and this is why we are here to help you understand them and navigate towards the most appropriate help, which may mean attending a drug rehab facility, at the right time.

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a complex disease that needs to be addressed and treated properly. It has been proven that, with the correct drug addiction treatment, people can successfully break free from drug addiction and achieve active, long-term recovery. Drug abuse can cause destructiveness in many ways and can result in:

  • Physical health implications
  • Family disintegration
  • Loss of employment
  • Failure in academia
  • Child abuse and domestic violence

We urge anyone struggling to overcome their drug addiction to get in touch with Port of Call immediately if any of the above mentioned effects of drug addiction occur.

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How do you treat drug addiction?

At Port of Call, we recognise that each case of drug abuse is different and our expertise is in helping you to find the right drug treatment at the right time. People who are struggling with substances get well in lots of different ways; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for drug addiction.

Some of the most effective and popular methods we recommend are:

Drug detox

This is a process that removes a drug’s toxins from the body and is usually the first step towards effectively completing drug addiction treatment. Sudden withdrawal can be life-threatening, which is why a gradual detox should always be carried out in a medically supervised environment, rather than trying to tackle drug addiction without treatment. The withdrawal process can be an extremely intense, and sometimes painful, experience. That is why the around-the-clock attention, and access to appropriate medication, of a residential treatment plan is often the best course of action. Sustained abstinence from drug abuse cannot be achieved through detox alone.

Drug addiction rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is also a pivotal part of the recovery process and can include treatments such as individual counselling, group work, cognitive behavioural therapy, education and relapse prevention. Rehab for drug addiction is generally most successful when carried out in a residential facility, as part of an intensive, structured programme of treatment for drug addiction. Support groups and counselling are also effective in helping achieve and maintain freedom from active drug addiction. Given that drug addiction issues can escalate very quickly, Port of Call can help you to gain immediate access to a drug addiction rehab local to you, or further afield, depending on your needs, to help you achieve long-term recovery sooner.

How much does drug treatment cost?

Prices for drug abuse treatment can vary depending on a whole host of factors. If you have funding to pay privately or if you have private health insurance, you will be able to access private rehab treatment very quickly. However, if this is not the case, do not let this deter you from seeking help, as there are a number of ways in which you will be able to cover your costs. For further information, talk to one of our drug addiction experts or follow the link to find out how you can fund your drug addiction treatment.

How to get drug addiction help

If you, or a loved one, need help in quitting drugs, Port of Call can help. There are a number of drug addiction treatment options available to help minimise the effects of drug addiction and we can help you access this help at a time when you need it the most. Please call our free phone line on 08000029010 today for impartial and confidential advice and support, or alternatively send an email to


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