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Getting help with other addictions

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There are many behaviours that people form attachments to and these can become destructive and addictive in the long run.

If you are worried about any of the following behaviours, help is available, please call Port of Call today for a free and confidential discussion. We can help you to navigate towards the right treatment at the right time.

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction describes any sexual activity that feels ‘out of control’. Having a very high sex drive, engaging in specific sexual activities, having many partners, looking at porn, or engaging in cyber-sex – none of these activities necessarily make you a sex addict.

It only becomes a problem if you feel that you are engaging in any sexual activity that you can no longer control and could result in harm to yourself, a partner, or family and friends. Being ‘sexually addicted’ is not defined by the activity itself but by the possible negative effect on your own quality of life and on those around you.

If you are worried that your sexual activities, or those of a loved one, could be out of control then please speak with us about the help that is available.

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Gambling Addiction

Problem gambling can have a negative impact on your personal finances as your attempts to win back loss-es become unmanageable. Spending wages, savings and any spare cash, as well as building up excessive debts, are all common traits a gambling problem.

However, the effects can reach beyond money alone. Gambling addicts often feel isolated in pursuit of chasing loses. You might stay away from school, college or work in order to gamble. Relationships and social engagements may become increasingly less important in comparison to your pre-occupation with gambling.

If you are worried that your gambling habits, or those of a loved one, could be out of control then you may want to contact us.

Eating Disorders

Food plays an important part in all of our lives. Most of us will spend time thinking and talking about what we eat. Our relationship with food occasionally changes, be it a health kick diet, cravings, or a loss of appetite. You might lose your hunger if you are feeling stressed, or eat comfort food to lift your mood. These fluctuating eating habits are perfectly normal and shouldn’t be cause for concern.

However, not eating a regular balanced diet over a sustained period of time, could become a problem. Eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia, can be very hard to cope with. It is important though to understand that the issues at hand are often more than just about food. They can be about all manner of anxieties, it just so happens that food becomes a way of disguising these problems – even from yourself.

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