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Prescription Drugs

It is not just alcohol and illegal drugs that can lead to complex addiction issues. Some prescription drugs can also be highly addictive and a dependence on these types of substances presents its own unique set of challenges. As ever, this can be a particularly difficult and upsetting experience for you or a loved one to manage. One way to manage this sort of addiction, would be to find rehab close to you, or further afield if you would prefer some time away to focus on your recovery.

What are the most commonly abused prescription drugs?

  • Opiates: like codeine, which are prescribed to treat pain.
  • Antidepressants: including citalopram and mirtazapine.
  • Central nervous system depressants: including barbiturates and benzodiazepines like diazepam and temazepam, which are used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders.
  • Stimulants: used to treat ADHD, such as dexamphetamine.
  • Antihistamines: such as chlorphenamine.

If you, or someone you know, is abusing any of the above medications, or are concerned about dependency, you may identify with some of the following signs and symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of prescription drug abuse

Essentially, if you feel like you cannot cope without a drug, and have a desperate need to obtain and consume that drug to soothe uncomfortable feelings, then you may have a problem. Equally, you may be suffering from an alcohol problem, in which case you may need help finding an alcohol rehab facility.

You may also observe one or more of the following:

  • You need to take more of the drug to achieve the desired effect.
  • You ask for repeat prescriptions before they are due.
  • You have difficulty moderating or stopping.
  • You feel guilty about your drug use.
  • You have experienced problems with work, money or legal issues due to your drug use.
  • Your are secretive about your drug use.
  • You have arguments or disagreements with your family about your drug use.
  • You use other medications to alleviate the side effects of prescription drugs.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when stopping/reducing the drug.
  • You continue to take the drug despite actual or likely negative consequences.

Over the counter drugs

What over the counter drugs can people become addicted to?
When do you classify usage as addiction?
What are the signs to look out for in yourself/ others?

The right help at the right time

There are many ways to get help and Port of Call are here to assist you. We will give you a free and confidential assessment over the telephone and can then help you find the most appropriate course of treatment and support. 

Please call our free phone line 0800 002 9010, we are ready, willing and able to help you through prescription drug addiction.

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