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Friends with addiction

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Watching a friend spiral into addiction can be extremely painful. Here, Port of Call helps you to understand how to help a drug addict friend or an alcoholic friend to access an alcohol rehab for help to overcome their problem. In many cases, individuals who have substance abuse problems are in denial about their problem, which can make the situation a lot worse.

Your friend may react defensively and angrily to a suggestion that their drug or drinking problem has spiralled out of control. As you probably realise, ignoring the problem will only prolong the misery and lead to a worse situation. For this reason, we offer information on how to help an alcoholic friend or drug addicted friend in their time of need.

How to help a drug addict friend

My friend is addicted to drugs

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or ‘one size fits all’ solution for treating addiction. Recovering from drug or alcohol dependency can take a lot of time, commitment and support. However, it is possible. While there are complex problems surrounding addiction and many related issues, with the right treatment and support you can help your alcoholic friend to achieve long-term, active recovery.

It is important to remember that looking after your friend who has an addiction isn’t your responsibility. Port of Call are trained addiction advisers and are here to help you find the support and guidance your friend needs to overcome their addiction. To talk to one of our addiction experts, please call Port of Call today on 08000029010 or email help@portofcall.com and we will help point you in the right direction, in order to help your friend gain access to the support they need.

How to help an alcoholic friend

Helping someone who doesn’t want help is extremely challenging. People with an addiction often go to great lengths to hide their problems from friends or family members. While the people closest to them may have tried to challenge their addictive behaviour, an alcoholic friend may become angry or defensive in return, resulting in further isolation and worsening addictive behaviour.

In situations like this, professional help makes a crucial impact. A structured intervention programme is a powerful tool and helps show individuals how much of an effect addiction is having on their life. This can make all the difference to your friend’s circumstances and can be the first step in finding appropriate addiction treatment that is right for their needs.

Detoxification is also an important step in recovery. However, it is important that this is never done without the assistance of a medical professional. Port of Call can help put you in touch with experts who make addiction recovery possible.

How to help a drug addict friend

Addiction is a progressive and destructive illness. Knowing how to help an individual with drug addiction can be extremely difficult, but timing is one of the most important things to note when helping someone going through an addiction. Leaving it to worsen, without any help or support can lead to potentially heart-breaking and traumatic consequences. In order to avoid this, action should be taken as soon as possible. The sooner they seek help, the more effective the treatment will be and the quicker the recovery process.

How do I know if someone needs help?

If alcohol or drugs are costing somebody more than just money, by definition they most probably have a problem and may need help to address their addiction. If you suspect that your friend is dependent on alcohol or drugs, help should be sought as soon as possible. Contact Port of Call today on 08000029010 or email help@portofcall.com for more information and advice on your next steps.

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