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Father with Addiction

Coming to terms with the fact that your father is struggling with addiction is a very important step to help him towards recovery. Port of Call are experts in addiction, whether you need to know how to deal with a drug addicted father or you would like to speak to us about growing up with an alcoholic father and how you can help him find a drug rehab centre. Whatever the problem, Port of Call is here for you.

How to deal with a drug addict father

How to deal with a drug addicted father

Having a drug addicted father can be incredibly difficult and can put you in an uncomfortable position as their son or daughter. You may not be able to confront him, he may be lying or completely in denial about his problem. It is very important for you to not try and deal with this alone. Try confiding in another family member or let Port of Call step in. Our specialist addiction advisors can help you with how to deal with a drug addicted father, through the selection of services we offer. Even if you just need advice, call us to confidentially to talk to someone who has been through addiction and knows there is a way out.

Do you have an alcoholic father?

Having an alcoholic father can have a huge impact on you and your relationship with your father. You are witnessing their destructive behaviour but may not know what to do about it. As drinking alcohol is a social norm, it may be hard to identify whether your dad just enjoys a drink or whether social drinking has escalated into a problem. Looking for the signs of alcohol abuse can help you understand this. Growing up with an alcoholic father can make you oblivious to your dad’s addiction, due to it being the only behaviour you know. Port of Call can help you work through your doubts and can support you to help your father through his recovery.

How Port of Call can help

We offer support for not only for your dad but also for you, as we appreciate how this can take an emotional and physical toll on you too and we can help you find a free treatment service. If your dad is quite resistant to accepting help, it may be worth staging an intervention for him to come to terms with his addiction and admit he has a problem. Thereafter, we can guide your father through many options available, including detox and alcohol rehab or drug rehab programmes. Our advice and guidance is confidential and completely non-judgmental. We are experts in both alcohol and drug addiction, so you can trust us to lead your father onto the road to recovery.

Contact Port of Call for help with your father and his addiction

It is important to remember you are not alone. Looking after yourself is one of the most beneficial things you can do in order to protect yourself from suffering. In order to look after yourself when helping your father with addiction, make sure you seek professional help and do not try to solve the problem alone. Experts are available to help your father through his addiction, so call Port of Call today on 08000029010, or email

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