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Helping a mother with addiction

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At Port of Call, we understand how painful it is, as a son or daughter, to watch your mother become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Port of Call want to help you and your mum find the best possible alcohol rehab for her to seek recovery and tackle her addiction. We can help you understand what your drug addicted mother needs or in another circumstance, how to deal with an alcoholic mother.

How to deal with an alcoholic mother

How to deal with an alcoholic mother

Does your mum always find an excuse to drink at any time, for any reason possible? Is she hiding bottles of alcohol around the house or become completely dependent on alcohol to get through the day? There are a number of challenges you may face when living with an alcoholic mother, for example, you may get to a point where she knows she has a problem but continues to lie to you about it. These is one of the signs of alcohol abuse. Dealing with an alcoholic mother is not to be done alone. A support network for both you and your mum will be the best way to guide her through her recovery and Port of Call can help build this.

Helping your drug addicted mother

One of the most unimaginable positions to be in is you having a drug addicted mother. Firstly, you need to remember, whether you are an adult or a child, your mum will find it extraordinarily hard to listen to you. She will most likely be in denial over her drug problem, and will most definitely not want her son or daughter to know that she has an addiction. She may feel weak and ashamed or completely adamant that there is nothing wrong with her. Your position as her child is difficult, wanting to help but not knowing how. Port of Call has experts who know exactly what you are going through and can help you understand your mother’s struggle and can help you find a way to deal with it.

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How Port of Call can help

We can help find your mum the treatment that she needs whether she is looking for a private rehab to help overcome an alcohol addiction or a drug addiction. Your mother may not want to show weakness to her child, so Port of Call could be the bridge to recovery that you’re both looking for. We offer confidential advice, intervention, information on detox programmes and rehab facilities. Port of Call can help your mother find the right treatment that for her.

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It is important to remember you are not alone. Looking after yourself is one of the most beneficial things you can do in order to protect yourself from suffering. In order to look after yourself when helping your mother with addiction, make sure you seek professional help. Living with an alcoholic mother or having a drug addicted mother is difficult enough, without trying to handle it alone. Experts are available to help your mother through her addiction, so call Port of Call today on 08000029010, or email help@portofcall.com.

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