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Someone in denial in addiction

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Denial is often the cornerstone of addictive behaviour. Often, an individual with an addiction will try to mask their destructive behaviour and deceive themselves, as well as the people close to them, by denying they have a problem. Here, Port of Call helps you understand the signs of an addict in denial, whist offering important advice on how to help a drug addict in denial.

Signs of an addict in denial

Signs of an addict in denial

When a person has an addiction, they often become evasive and defensive when a close friend or family member questions their behaviour. These reactions can often lead to a loss of temper, arguments and, in turn, escalate the problem further.

Before seeking medical help, it is important to fully understand the signs of an addict in denial. Below are just some of the common behaviours of individuals who are in denial of addiction:

  • Drinking or using drugs when alone.
  • Drinking or using drugs at unusual times, such as in the morning.
  • Keeping alcohol or drugs in unusual places, such as hidden in the home, the car or in a desk at work.
  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol or drugs that requires taking more and more to get the same high.
  • Combining multiple substances to get a stronger high, such as taking painkillers and drinking alcohol at the same time.
  • Lying about, or hiding, how much or how frequently substance abuse takes place.
  • Suffering from withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety and shakiness, when trying to stay sober.
  • Legal problems resulting from substance abuse, such as drink driving.
  • Ignoring old friends or once-loved activities to spend time using instead.
  • Blacking out things that occurred when using drugs or alcohol.
  • Relapsing into abuse after a period of sobriety, or alternating between periods of using and periods of sobriety.
  • Conversations about addiction that often end in arguments or heated discussions.

While these are the most common signs of an addict in denial, it shouldn’t be taken as concrete evidence that a person is suffering from addiction and is in denial. Speak to a professional today if you are concerned about this person, by calling 08000029010 or emailing help@portofcall.com.

How to help a drug addict in denial

At Port of Call, we understand how hard it is to help an addict in denial, when they are unwillingly to help themselves. Often, when family members or friends try to help an individual to seek help for their addiction it can end in arguments, strained relations, dishonesty and deceit. Eventually, you reach a definite impasse and professional help is often the only option to help someone in denial of their addiction.

Port of Call can arrange a structured intervention that can sometimes be the breakthrough that is needed. An intervention is a powerful tool that helps show an addict in denial the impact of their addiction and encourages them to reach out for help. Involving the closest people to the individual with an addiction, and those who have been affected by their addiction, can make this process more successful and can increase the chance of an addict seeking appropriate treatment, whilst minimising the chance of relapse. For more information about an intervention, please call our free phone line on 08000029010 today.

When is the right time to seek help?

At Port of Call, we advise you to start acting as soon as you suspect that your friend or family member has an addiction problem. If addiction is detected early, the recovery process is far less intensive and disruptive as it could be if the problem is left untreated.

Of course, if somebody is in denial of addiction, it can make the whole process much more challenging. However, please note that you do not have to stand by and suffer in silence. For further advice and support, speak to Port of Call today to see if we can help you, or your loved one to achieve long-term, active recovery and to help them take back control of their life.

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