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Support for families of addicts

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At Port of Call, we understand how hard it can be to find drug addiction help for families. Living with someone who has a destructive relationship with alcohol or drugs can be exhausting and while it may feel as though you should be supporting your loved one, in many cases leaving someone to deal with the problem alone can have a detrimental effect to their health and well-being. Family members often experience a number of painful and conflicting emotions, from frustration to loneliness and confusion. Port of Call are here to help.

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When family members come to the realisation that their loved one is struggling with an addiction, the family can take a long time to come forward and seek help, however support for the families of addicts is available. Accessing support can provide positive outcomes for everyone involved, including the individual suffering from addiction, as well as the family members. For those living close to a someone who is dependent on drugs or alcohol, finding help can be confusing and something completely unfamiliar, but Port of Call are here to provide advice and support for families of those affected by addiction, right when you need it most.

Dealing with drug addiction in your family

It can often seem that the addiction support available is aimed solely at the individual with an addiction. However, it is important that family members do not feel alone when dealing with this sensitive situation. Whether you require emotional support or advice on dealing with a family member who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, Port of Call are here for you. We can provide support for families of drug users by helping you gain a better understanding about addiction and what your family member may be going through, so that you can work out how best to help them.

By gaining a clearer understanding of addiction, you can provide that extra level of support and motivation to your family member that is crucial in helping facilitate them to overcome their dependence on drugs or alcohol. If you would like to talk about the effects of addiction on your family, please call Port of Call on 08000029010.

How to help a drug addict family member

Often, those with an addiction struggle to accept that they have a problem. In cases such as this, help and support will go unrewarded and an intervention may be the best solution. Addressing the problem as soon as it arises can make the process easier and stop it from getting progressively worse. Port of Call are here to provide help for the families of drug addicts and will therefore help you carry out an intervention with your loved one. Contact us today by emailing help@portofcall.com and one of our trained addiction experts will be able to help you with your next steps.

How to help a family member with drug addiction

Living with a person who has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or drugs can be extremely testing. Not knowing how to help a family member who is going through drug or alcohol addiction can be challenging and often, you may find that they don’t want to be helped. If this seems all too familiar, Port of Call are here to help. We have a number of services available to help your family member overcome addiction.

Help with a drug addicted family

If your family member is abusing alcohol or drugs, you may be able to identify with the following scenario:

Your attempts to confront the problem may have fallen on deaf ears. You may be exhausted with the lies and manipulation that often accompany the behaviour of addicts and alcoholics. Perhaps you are unsure about the scale of the problem and wonder whether the person you are trying to help is indeed an alcoholic or drug addict? In all likelihood, you might not know where to turn or what the next step should be.

It is important to know that you are not alone, Port of Call have a wide range of addiction services available, helping family members and the individual suffering from addiction. We can also offer a free and confidential telephone assessment, helping you find the right treatment for your family member. Contact Port of Call today on 08000029010.

Whilst alcoholism and drug dependency are complex problems, with many related issues, recovery is possible. There is no quick fix or one size fits all solution. We have seen countless individuals come to us feeling hopeless and helpless but leave as healthier and happier people.

For more information about some of the more common issues surrounding families and addiction, please read on.

Drug addiction help for families

For families who need it, there is help available. Drug addiction help for families is available through a number of services, including:

  • Local family support
  • Free phone helplines
  • Forums, blogs or articles

'Help for the helper is widely available'

Port of Call founder, Martin Preston, passionately believes that parents, siblings and spouses need their own family counselling to help them to support a loved one with their addiction. Martin said: “We urge you to reach out and ask for help, not only for your loved one, but for you too. Getting help for yourself may feel counterintuitive but it can help you to understand the illness of addiction further.

"It also sends a clear signal to the person that you are trying to help and may motivate them to address their problem. Help for the helper is widely available. You are not alone with this."

Port of Call can also arrange counselling sessions for families who are dealing with an addiction in the family. Through our trusted network of professional addiction counsellors, we can ensure that you receive all the care and support to give you the chance to remain informed and share the burden of care with someone who truly understands what you're going through.

It is important to remember you are not alone. Looking after yourself is one of the most beneficial things you can do, in order to protect yourself from suffering. In order to look after yourself when helping a person with addiction, make sure you seek professional help if you need it and don’t try and solve the problem alone.

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